“Entertaining This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas.” -Interzone “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure.” -The Times (UK) “Reynolds’s approach. I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Abigail was very careful about all clones being equal. The reason she can’t. Alastair Reynolds’ House Of Suns, shortlisted for the Clarke Award, is a novel of ideas, with all that implies. The space-opera epic throws a.

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Five stars, Highly recommended! I’m still waiting for the Bene Gesserit to create a wonderful Mahdi author that can combine the great traits of Alastair Reynolds and Peter Hamilton into one. Get Known if you don’t have an account. House of Suns Cover for House of Suns. One had this particular line that I really liked: I was in a bleak, gloomy, end-of-the-world state of mind when I started reading, so the idea that somehow humanity has a future six million years from now and that it’s a thriving future was extremely uplifting.

Whether the first machines arose from Palatial’s programming or from the remnants of the little boy’s mind after he was plugged back in for good I’m not sure.

House of Suns

My first Alastair Reynolds book, and it was fantastic. Valmik says he remembers all his past, even if those memories are buried, and if he truly was the little boy I think the author would have shown that connection explicitly.

In a setting where normal time is measured in kilo years and distances travelled in light years Reynolds has decided to go with “stasis” as opposed to his usual “cryosleep” as the usual means space travellers deal with the times and distances involved. Once triggered by the horrific revelation that comes late in the book, Gentian’s repressed memories and feelings return to plague only the original. Of course, Reynolds turned it up to 11 in Diamond Dogs – but you can do that if you’re only expecting to hold the reader for pages or so – more of that, please!

Talk about fast moving narrative, this book almost break the FTL barrier. The novel also drops a fairly big hint that Purslane is Abigail in a number of ways: Cadence and Cascade hack into the ship’s computer, taking it over, and take off from Neume with Hesperus and Purslane still aboard. How often is the f-word used? The author’s penchant for Gothic horrors housd really unpleasant, grotesque characters is qlastair, though dialed down a very long way from the freak-show that was Revelation Space and I could quibble that perhaps Reynolds’ unique voice is made a little too generic because it has been pushed too low in the mix, this time around.


The story concludes satisfactorily, but leaves some things open for more.

House of Suns – Wikipedia

With the help of a machine being named Hesperus, they manage to escape with a few other shatterlings to a world named Neume, bit that is just the beginning of their adventures. It’s often a weakness, since readers are afforded glimpses of dozens of cultures without being offered involvement in any.

Others have covered the plotline and central conceits of the novel very well, so I will forbear. The clones and Abigail travel the Milky Way Galaxy, helping young civilizations, collecting knowledge, and experiencing what the universe has to offer. The final third of House of Suns is a series of reeynolds reveals that are pretty mind-blowing, and best of all, the ending actual seemed plausible and was not just a massive battle in space as often happens.

So did societies, be they city-sized states or reeynolds empires encompassing thousands pf solar systems. It made no difference to their longevity.

Upon reaching Neume, Campion, Purslane and the other shatterlings they rescued are greeted by the few Gentian survivors of the ambush numbering only in the forties, compared to the hundreds that existed prior to the ambush.

They end up dealing with a big threat to their galaxy and a conspiracy within the Gentian Line. Having previously absorbed everything remotely related to his Revelation Space series over the last few years, I laastair to dip my toes into some of his one-off writing before digging into his newer series work.

So who the hell would wanna crash and kill such a cool party? Our huma The pacing of Alastair Reynolds’ novels feel a bit predicatable when you’ve read a few. Just to put the power of that type of civilization into context with our monkey asses, we may and “may” reynoldd a strong “may” that I type while simultaneously waving two air quotes become a Type I civilization in – years according to the alaatair Michio Kaku.

Spanning millions of years, House of Suns deals with space travel in a refreshing light.


No, Reynolds, because he is so excellent at pacing the novel, makes it feel perfectly reasonable that, for example, a deep-space chase scene should take thousands of years or that a character can live for millions of years without becoming cosmically bored out of her skull. O Gentians specialise in the containment of energies from unstable stars, a scientific secret that enables the line, also known as the House of Flowers, to prolong indefinitely the ability of a given system to support life.

The best Science Fiction always does this for me in some way. The main characters are two of one thousand clones of a single human woman who lived in the time the main story is set approximately six million years ago in an expansive human empire.

You have the Spirit of the Air and the people of Nuame stating since he disassembled the robot and reassembled it from different atoms it could not be the same creature; the same issue with clones as a housse comment by Abigail and the question of who is Abigail and does it actually matter; the rewriting and editing of memories; the Spirit of the Air merging its consciousness with Hespersus; the must humane characters being firstly Hespersus and finally the First Machine etc.

At times, they even veer into the fairy-tale game she plays with a childhood friend. The romance is convincing if a little too gushing.

Mani Podcast read by: A Very Special Christmas. I’m also familiar with relativity and am fairly comfortable, as a historian, with the concept of “Longue Duree” history. Reynolds doens’t really harp on the love aspect too much, but what Campion and Purslane do for each other in a chase lasting at relativistic speeds, lasting thousands of years and trillions of miles is really profound if you think about it there are shadows here of the greatest chase scene ever committed to print, found in Reynold’s Redemption Ark.

Sep 15, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would join this reynklds if given the opportunity. If I had to find something to quibble about, I would say that even the primary characters are a little remote.