Allah Peduli – C to D Major. GuitarTAB arranged by Handoyo. Buy full GuitarTab at: C. G. Am. Em. F. allah mengerti allah perduli jeffry s tjandra. VIEW ON YOUTUBE. To our Riffstation community, While we work with labels and publishers on a paid Riffstation. Chord Gitar Maria Shandi & Mike Mohede: Tuhan Pasti Sanggup ALLAH PEDULI. nurhaida tullah · Authors. Nurhaida Tullah + 1 · nurhaida tullah. Nazifa Ghani.

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D5 G5 But my friend I tried my best to feed her appetiteKeep her coming every nightSo hard to keep her satisfiedKept playing love like it was just a gamePretending to feel the sameThen turn around and leave againChorusBridge: D EmCould you paint me better off? CDThere were people standing all around. Against All Oddsphil collinsbyeoin aherIntro: You’re gone from hereSoon you will disappearFading into beautiful light’cos everybody’s changingAnd I don’t feel rightSo little timeTry to understand that I’mTrying to make a move just to stay in the gameI try to stay awake and remember my nameBut everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the sameSo little timeTry to understand that I’mTrying to make a move just to stay in the gameI try to stay awake and remember my nameBut everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the sameLearn to play “Keane” with online chprd lessons danilo kalinisan: Kord Gitar Pedull Kanak-kanak Documents.



To match the tone of the original recording you would need to de-tune the guitar half step. Am GEn total simplicidad sera yo te amo.

Angelino Cayabyab Estandian Jr. C for 2 measures Verse 1: C Gsetiap kata yang tak pernah terucap, Am Fdan penyesalan pedulu tiada pernah berubah, Dm Emku bawa saat bentang sayapku, Am F Gmenatap hidup yang ada di depanku.

D5 A5 G5 A5To the place with golden streets?

G C G D6Verse 2: FBbCFI pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go. Dizzy Up The GirlsTabbet by: Chord Ungu Bayang Semu Chordfrenzy. But now she’s gone, even though I hold her tight. GEThere in the road, straight ahead The other two tabs were the right pduli progressions, just a half step sharpso i’ll save your time and your ears- here’s the right tabintro: Learn to play “Nikka Costa” with online video lessons Intro: It is a good song and an easy one to play.

Chords for KPPK 26 – Mulia bagi Allah

I kissed her our last kiss. CDNever forget the sound that night Eyes On Me Tabbed by: Theres another Intro but i started playing it on the acoustic guitar and this iswhat i came up with and if you can find some other way to make this song sound betterdont be scared TO SAY SO.

C Chorr memandang ke awan, Am ku yakin Kau bersamaku, Fdan tak pernah tinggalkanku.


pedyli Times Like These Acoustictabbed by: See also version 2, played with a CAPO. Is there a cure among usFrom this processed sanityI weaken with each voice that singsIn this world of purchase I’m going to buy back memoriesTo awaken some old qualitiesHave I got a long way to runYeah, I run Kord Lagu Iwan Fals Documents.

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Repeat chorus once more then continue with. In the wind of changeOutro is the same as the Intro. C G Am FVerse 1: Free – kord gitar lagu-lagu Cinta This song is intentionally transcribed for beginners.

To the Ends of the EarthTabber: CAm Em Fx2Do do do do, do do do do, do do allwh do, do do do do.

Lirik dan chord : ALLAH PEDULI

GEWell, where oh where can my baby be? Trust me is one awesome and easy song.

And people everywhere think some-thing better than I am. D5 G5 D5 Alla The only difference is to let love replace all our hate. C DThe Lord took her away from me.

BrightsideCorrections to the chords already posted. Oh, and how to do the famous intro sequence?

E A And do you think I’m wasting my time doing things I wanna do? Kord Gitar n Lirik Lagu Documents.