The Analects by Confucius, part of the Internet Classics Archive. quotes from The Analects: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’. One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers.

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But your future is yet to come. His house robe was long, with a short right sleeve. A strange cornered vessel! Tsze-lu asked about government.

Confuciuw emphasis on polishing the outside is something that we find in the Analects more than in other texts. That’s why I laughed at him.

Chung-ni is the sun or moon, which it is not znalect to step over. He may be imposed upon, but he cannot be fooled. The virtuous rest in virtue; the wise desire virtue. The wise are busy, the humane are tranquil. If you are familiar with them, they lose their humility. Thrice he declined the kingdom, and the people in ignorance of his motives could not express their approbation of his conduct.

He held it from above in a folding way, and from below in an offering way. There is no doubt that Confucius himself sought the employment of a king to help bring peace to the world. He stands in awe of the words of sages.

The Analects

When Confucius left, the minister bowed to his prince Wu Maqi and went up to him, saying: The little children of my school are ambitious and too hasty. What you don’t like done to yourself, don’t do to others. The content of the Pyongyang Analects is similar to the Dingzhou Analects ; but, because of the secrecy and isolationism of the North Korean government, only a very cursory study of it has been made available cknfucius international scholars, and its contents confucihs not completely known outside of North Korea.


When the prince sent him a gift of undressed meat, he would have it cooked, and offer it to the spirits of his ancestors. Now, I have not leisure for this. But it is inquiring deeply into their meaning that is important. I hate those who with their sharp mouths overthrow kingdoms and families.

Whether dealing with the many or the few, the young or the old, the Noble Man does not dare to be conceited.

He wishes quickly to become a man. One year is enough. If a man purify himself to wait upon me, I receive him so purified, without guaranteeing his past conduct. Wealth and honors that one possesses in the cpnfucius of injustice are like floating clouds.

Analects – Wikipedia

Those who do not enjoy offending superiors are never troublemakers. Tsze-kung was in the habit of comparing men together. I learned about the PoemsI learned about the Propriety and I learned that the noble man is not partial to his son.

But it is also a technical term for a person of a high level of moral and intellectual advancement. The people of confcuius states also call her Chun Fu Zan.


For a discussion of this saying, see Conrucius 7B: If you love boldness, but don’t like to study, your boldness will be distorted into unruliness. His way of getting information is quite different from that of other men. These qualities are displayed in government. But when he retires and I observe his personal affairs, it is quite clear that he is not stupid. When Shun was emperor, he selected Kao Yao from among the people, put him in charge, and the anwlect people stayed far away.

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Straightforwardness without propriety is rudeness. He may not yield the performance of it even to his teacher.

The Analects of Confucius by Arthur Waley | : Books

Nowadays such niceties are gone! How should the state be ruled? Unfortunately, his appointed time was short and he died; and now there is not such another. Thus, all possess the doctrines of Wan and Wu. He takes loyalty and good faith to be of primary importance, and has no friends who are not of equal moral caliber. He completes it with sincerity. How can we know that they will not be equal to us? I conceal nothing from you.

When he was in attendance on the prince and joining in the entertainment, the prince only sacrificed.