PREPARASI SAMPEL Pengeringan sampel. Analisis Kadar Lemak dalam Bahan Pangan. PERALATAN SOXHLET Analisis Sifat Fisiko-Kimia Lemak atau. Berat lemak diperoleh dengan cara memisahkan lemak dengan pelarutnya. dll. dietil ksi Soxhlet Prinsip Analisis • Ekstraksi lemak dengan pelarut. Analisa lemak kasar: Metode ekstraksi soxhlet dengan pelarut organik Analisa serat kasar: Fraksi dari karbohidrat yang tidak larut dalam basa dan asam.

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IR is particularly useful for rapid and on-line analysis of lipid content once a suitable calibration curve has been developed. The solid fat content is defined as the percentage of the total lipid that is solid at a particular temperature, i. The flow of foods through pipes or the ease at which they can be packed into containers are also determined by their rheology.

These methods artificially increase soxhleg rate of lipid oxidation by exposing the lipid to heat, oxygen, metal catalysts, light or enzymes.

Konsentrasi Reaksi refluks Re-kristalisasi This procedure may have to be repeated a number of times to improve the efficiency of the extraction process.

Instruments based on this principle heat the food sample to be analyzed in a pressurized chamber and then mix supercritical CO2 fluid with it.

Sampel yang digunakan dan yang dipisahkan dengan metode ini berbentuk padatan. In this case the aqueous phase would undergo further extractions using fresh solvent, then all the solvent fractions would be collected together and the lipid determined by weighing after evaporation of solvent. The temperature at ana,isis the fat completely melts and becomes transparent is called the “clear point”.

A lemqk is poured into a metal container and heated at a controlled rate in an oven.

A anaalisis disadvantage of the techniques which rely on measurements of the bulk physical properties of foods are that a calibration curve must soxulet prepared between the physical property of interest and the total lipid content, and this may depend on the type of lipid present and the food matrix it is contained in.


These techniques are muchcruder than chromatography techniques, because they only give information about the average properties of the lipid components present, e. This solution is then titrated with alkali KOH until a pinkish color appears. Saponification is the process of breaking down a neutral fat into glycerol sxohlet fatty acids by treatment with alkali: The main disadvantages of the technique are that a relatively dry sample is needed to allow the solvent to penetrateit is destructive, and it is time consuming.


Lean meat absorbs X-rays more strongly than fat, thus the X-ray absorbance decreases as the lipid concentration increases. As with the Babcock soxxhlet, it does not determine phospholipids. A known weight of oil is placed in an oven at a specified temperature about 65 oC and the time until rancidity is detected is recorded by sensory evaluation or measuring the peroxide value.

Melting point In many situations, soxulet is not necessary to know the SFC over the whole temperature range, instead, only information about the temperature at which melting starts or ends is required.

Introduction Foods which contain high concentrations of unsaturated lipids are particularly susceptible to lipid oxidation.


It is often necessary to dry samples prior to solvent extraction, because many organic solvents cannot easily penetrate into foods containing water, and therefore extraction would be inefficient. Kedua, menggunakan rotary evaporator unyuk memisahkan antara ektrak kemiri dengan n-heksana pelarutnya dengan menggunkan perbedaan titik didih. Determination of the total fatty acid profile allows one to calculate the type and concentration of fatty acids present in the original lipid sample.

At the end of the extraction process, which typically lasts a few hours, the flask containing the solvent and lipid is removed, the solvent is evaporated and the mass of lipid remaining is measured Mlipid.

Pelarut yang baik dalam ektraksi soxhlet adalah pelarut yang mempunyai titik didih rendah seperti nheksana yang mempunyai titik didih 69oC agar cepat menguap sehingga tidak menyebabkan kerusakan pada alat dan juga tidak membutuhkan watu yang lama untuk oemak satu sirkulasi ektraksi. Lakukan refluks selama minimum 5 jam sampai pelarut Documents.


By measuring the chemical shift spectra it is possible to determine the concentration of specific types of chemical groups present, which can be used to estimate the concentration of different soxhlte of lipids. Instrumental Techniques A variety of instrumental methods can also be used to provide information about lipid composition.

Another widely used accelerated oxidation test is the Schaal Oven Test. Measurements of the overall electrical conductivity of foods can therefore be used to determine fat contents. A number of these instrumental methods have major advantages over the extraction techniques mentioned above because they are nondestructive, require little or no sample preparation, and measurements are usually rapid, precise and simple.

Pelarut soxhlrt dimasukkan kedalam labu alas bulat.

Commercial instruments have been developed which utilize this phenomenon to determine the lipid content of meat and meat products. Techniques based on differential scanning calorimetry are also commonly used to monitor changes in SFC. Lipid contents can often be determined in a few seconds without the need for any sample preparation using commercially available instruments.

Ideally, the composition of the sample analyzed should represent as closely as possible that of the food from which it was taken. Keenam, dipasang kondensor dan dialirkan pendingin melalui pompa.


The lipid fraction of a fatty food therefore contains a complex mixture of different types of molecule. Thus it is possible to monitor the rate at which it occurs by measuring the uptake of oxygen by the sample as the reaction proceeds.

Ketiga, dimasukkan kertas saring yang telah berisi sampel dalam ektraktor soxhlet.