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Often, the right half of Ardhanarishvara is male and the left is female.

Ardhnarishwar Stotra

The upper male arms hold a lute and akshamala rosarywhile the upper female ones hold a mirror and a book; the others are broken. You need to be a registered user to enjoy the benefits of Rewards Program.

Enter Email ID Submit. Write a customer review. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart. The face has a common third eye. Edit Email Id Contact Us. The whole right half is described as smeared with ashes and as terrible and red-coloured or gold or coral in appearance; however, these features are rarely depicted. In the case of three arms, the Parvati side has only one arm, suggesting a lesser role in the icon. The mythology of Sfotra — which mainly originates in the Puranic canons — was developed later to explain existent images of the deity that had emerged in the Kushan era.

The union arvhnarishwar these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation.

This is also reflected in mythology, where Parvati becomes a part of Shiva. Only in tales associated with the cult of Shakta in which the Goddess is considered the Supreme Being is the Goddess venerated as the Maker of All.


Utpalacommenting on the Brihat Samhitacalls this form Ardha-Gaurishvara “the Lord whose half is the fair one”; the fair one — Gauri — is an attribute of Parvati. A combined form of Shiva and Parvati. The Puranas and various iconographic treatises write about the mythology and iconography of Ardhanarishvara.

However, the sage assumed the form of a beetle and circumambulating only the male half, drilling a hole in the deity. The Myths and Gods of India: Ardhanarishvara signifies “totality that lies beyond duality”, “bi-unity of male and female in God” and “the bisexuality and therefore the non-duality” of the Supreme Being.

Brahma asks Rudra to divide himself, and the latter complies by dividing into male and female. Across cultures, hermaphrodite figures like Ardhanarishvara have traditionally been associated with fertility and abundant growth. Seeing the half-male, half-female form, the demon lost interest in her and left.

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Shiva Ganesh Sanskrit 3. The Linga Purana advocates the worship of Ardhanarishvara by devotees to attain union with Shiva upon dissolution of the world and thus attain salvation.

Please enter Valid details Ok got it! He wears ornaments characteristic of Shiva’s iconography, including serpent ornaments. Ardhnariswhar right ear wears stohra nakra-kundalasarpa-kundala “serpent-earring” or ordinary kundala “earring”. Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list?

In Book XIII, Upamanyu praises Shiva rhetorically asking if there is anyone else whose half-body is shared by his spouse, and adds that the universe had risen from the union of sexes, as represented by Shiva’s half-female form. University of Chicago Press. However, the sage Bhringi had vowed to worship only one deity, Shiva, and ignored Parvati while worshipping and circumambulating him.


Get to Know Us. Shiv Aarti Shiva Ganesh. Ardhanarishvara is interpreted as an attempt to syncretise the two principal Hindu sects, Shaivism and Shaktismdedicated to Shiva and the Great Goddess.

Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies. Amazed by his devotion, Parvati reconciled with the sage and blessed him.

Ardhnarishwar Stotra – Ashit Desai | Song Info | AllMusic

Ardhanarishvara remains a popular iconographic form found in most Shiva temples throughout India, though very few temples are dedicated to this deity. The Lord Who wrdhnarishwar Half Woman: The Shiva half has a flat masculine chest, a ardhnarkshwar vertical chest, broader shoulder, wider waist and muscular thigh. As her attempt to humiliate the sage had failed, Parvati punished herself with austerities that pleased Shiva and led him to grant her the boon of uniting with him, thereby compelling Bhringi to worship her as well as himself in the form of Ardhanarishvara.

The divine couple was thereafter fused as Ardhanarishvara.

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This cult focusing on the joint worship of Shiva and the Goddess may even have had a high position in Hinduism, but when and how it faded away remains a mystery.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The form is called Gaurishvara in this text.