Astron DC power supplies are made of heavy duty, high quality materials Find Astron Power Supplies RSA and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over. Buy Astron Original RSA Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous, Output: Vdc, Input: V: Internal Power Supplies. ASTRON RSA 11 – 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 16 Amps Cont 20 Amps ICS.

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If these steps tested OK the regulator has probably failed. It was something a little funny in astronn way they did the circuit If a short is indicated the transistor is shorted. Ripple less than 5 mv peak to peak full load and low line. The Pass Transistors on the external heat sink are usually the culprit. A question is astroh did the power supply fail? A metal sleeve a. Buy with confidence, check my feedback. SS- series are Small Switching power supplies.

KH6AQMay 17, This one is junk just like all the rest of the Astrons. The reason I only gave a Three conductor power cord. A little boy get his team je A trailing “BB” indicates the Astrn Backup option. I have not turned up the FTD to full W, but otherwise it is a solid power supply. After replacing it, and the LM regulator IC for good measure no problems whatsoever.


Astron RS-20A

Continuous duty current 7. All current issue metered Astron power supplies have illuminated meters. Aztron want to get an elmer to help you if this is the first time doing something like this. But fixing it would be educational. Need to keep the Astron on the floor, away from the RF, and it stays happy.

Astron Corporation RSA-BB • Volt @ Amp Power Supply with Battery Backup Option

Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge. A well built supply! Electrolytic caps virtually never fail shorted, so this is not on the list.

This options adds battery revert with a trickle charging circuit. For me Astron is one of the best there is aastron See this web page for useful information on fixing your Astron and removing some of the problems built into them at the factory.

He was a radio, TV and other electronics serviceman for much of his life, and he loved radio! It is not suitable for domestic USA gs20a. The crowbar is not there to protect the power supply, it’s there to protect the load. Hopefully yours won’t catch fire as did one belonging to a fellow ham I knew. Contact the site with comments or questions. They will NOT work correctly and your regulation will suffer severely because of it.


Three Conductor Power Cord. I hope this is a H I’d open up the case and first look for something obviously blown. I have some understanding of electronics, but not enough to figure this out. Also shop in Also shop in.

If nothing sticks out, disconnect the transformers secondary winding from the rectifier and see if it blows a fuse. A trailing “L” indicates there’s a cigarette Lighter socket on the front.

I have a Astorn RSA power supply that was working just fine and all of a sudden it blew the 5A fuse and now it just keeps blowing them as soon as I turn it on, with no load.

Technical Parameters and Specifications. I repaired a supply that had blown the fuse following a thunderstorm. In spite of the model number, this is about a 17 amp supply. It’s job is to turn on and astrom out the supply if the voltage gets to high typically due to a pass transistor shortaatron like throwing a “crowbar” across the supply.

Here are a couple hints when using these supplies.