Sample some of the best delicacies in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown located in the Philippines, and see landmarks like Plaza Calderon dela Barca. The Binondo Food Wok: A food tour through Chinatown, Manila. If you want to sample the best, then The Big Binondo Food Wok is for you. It has all the details of the tour along with a map of Chinatown.

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Follow me on Instagram. It goes perfectly well with the lechon kawali or goyong Chinese sausage. January 20, at 1: January 19, at 1: I guess this would be the same case with first timers who would want to try out food tripping in Binondo.

Your email address will not be published. Chinese style fresh lumpia, is made of tofu, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cilantro, ground peanuts and seaweed rolled together in a thin lumpia wrapper.

A couple more trips to Binondo helped. I love the fried dumplings at Dong Bei. June 14, at 2: It was truly a unique experience with Sir Ivan Man Dy.

On the Chinese food trail with the Big Binondo Food Wok Map – HappyFoodies

They also have the 8 treasure machang packed with eight ingredients: The serving was huge but left much to be desired — the pork bore uncooked bits of cornstarch while the viscous dok base tasted a bit sour.


Big cartoon maps are very user friendly.

So going by Yuchengo past Dong Bei Dumplings, we crossed this little Hong Bon bridge dating back to which is not on the map heading to Alvarado Street only to find them not there.

The Kookiest Dessert in Manila.

Find exotic baked goods like moon cakes, hopia, meat pies, and sticky desserts. Thursday, 28 January at Mine surely was awakened by the champoy!

On the Chinese food trail with the Big Binondo Food Wok Map

Wom church is an old restaurant that serves really affordable meals. The set meal P80 comes with two choices of topping and rice. Next stop — The Fried Siopao Delight! Hey its me, Abi!

BINONDO: 15 Places to Try on your Next Binondo Food Crawl!

Fried pancake style with egg, rice flour, bean sprouts, assorted vegetable, and medium size juicy oysters. Salty kiampong rice is complimented by the soup. January 18, at I’ve been blogging for 4 years, and currently in the process of becoming a vlogger. Tuesday, 26 January at The Big Binondo Food Map maybe handy but the listing of chow places is hefty.


I love how the streets are marked with big bold letters, attractions with cute illustrations and establishments with a star, a colored circle or a square so you can easily distinguish between different kinds of restaurants. Yep Ongpin is a street in Binondo. My natural habitat is either at the CF box, a new resto, traveling or spending time with family. Have a Taste of We weren’t a fan of their xiao long bao though, the wrapper was just too thick for us. Fried Siopao and all the goodness inside.

Binondo Food Wok Map | Just Wandering

October 23, at 1: We were served a plate with 9 pairs of rectangular pieces of fried beancurd with ground meat patty sandwiched in between each pair. Ivan told us foood can we identify our dumplings based on their color. Masuki once known as Ma Kong Mami started it’s Mami business in the ‘s.