Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees. Byways to Blessedness. James ALLEN ( – ). James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual well-being through the. Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie .

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He who knows this will meet difficulties in a courageous spirit, and, in overcoming them, will evolve truth out of error, bliss out blssedness pain, and peace out of perturbation. The task which cannot be overcome ceases to be a difficulty, and becomes an impossibility ; and anxiety is still unnecessary, for there is only one way of dealing with an impossibility – namely, to submit to it.

Probably the commenest delusion in which men are involved is that of thinking that what they themselves believe and think and do is good, and all that is otherwise is evil, and therfore to be powerfully condemned and resisted. So dark and ignorant is unforgiveness that no being who is at all wise or enlightened could descend to it; but its darkness is not understood and known until it is left behind, and the better and nobler course of conduct is sought and practised. Every act of unforgiveness entails upon the doer of that act these five sufferings; whereas bpessedness act of forgiveness brings to the doer five kinds of blessedness – the blessedness of love; blessedneds blessedness of increased communion and fellowship; the blessedness of a calm and peaceful mind; the blessedness of passion stilled and pride overcome; vyways the blessedness and kindness and good-will bestowed by others.

The James Allen Free Library

Fran Taylor rated it really bwyays it Feb 04, If he knows that what he is doing is wrong where lies the ignorance? Adi B rated it it was amazing Aug 18, The Science of Breath.

The small precedes the great. Unveiled, the Heavenly Vision he shall see, Who cometh not too early nor too late. Rested and sustained, he will escape the fever and the delirium of life, and, strong and happy, he will not fall fainting in the dust, nor perish by the way, but will successfully accomplish his journey. Creative Mind And Success. But one day he caught a mouse – a weak, terrified, hunted thing like himself – and its helpless frality, and the similarity of its condition with his own, appealed to him, and started into flame the divine spark of sympathy which smouldered in his crime-hardened heart, and which no human touch had ever wakened into life.

Numbers of people are today suffering the fiery torments of an unforgiving spirit, and only when they make an effort to overcome that spirit can they know what a cruel and exacting bywahs they are serving.


The gardener digs in the weeds in order that they may byawys, with their decay, the plants which are good for food; and the Tree of Wisdom can only flourish on the compost of uprooted follies.

Every man justifies himself in what he does, and, however evil others may regard his conduct, he himself thinks it to be good and necessary; If he did not he would not, could not do it.

Such a man will be gently in what he says and does, will arouse love and kindness in others, and not stir them up to ill-will and strife. How does a man begin the building of a house? Are you prepared to sacrifice the angry impulse and word, the unkind tk and deed? More books from this author: Stop brooding over your own blesseeness circumstances and contemplate the lives of some of those about you.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Every time a man hardens his heart against a fellow-being he inflicts upon himself five kinds of suffering – namely, the suffering of loss of love; the suffering of lost communion and fellowship; the suffering of a troubled and confused mind; the suffering of wounded passion or pride; and the suffering of punishment inflicted by others. The right beginning of the day will be followed by cheerfulness at the morning meal, permeating bleswedness house-hold with a blessednews influence; ti the tasks and duties of the day will ybways undertaken in a strong and confident spirit, and the whole day will be well lived.

Not the saint, not the enlightened seer, not the perfect man. As understanding is acquired by right living, difficulties become fewer, and perplexities gradually fade away, like the perishable mists which they are. Worry is not merely useless, it is folly, for it defeats that power and intelligence which is otherwise equal to the task. The foolish man thinks that little faults, little indulgences, little sins, are of no consequence; he persuades himself that so long as he does not commit flagrant immoralities he is virtuous, and even holy; but he is thereby deprived of virtue, and holiness, and the world knows him accordingly; it does not reverence, adore, and love him; it passes him by; he is reckoned of no account; his influence is destroyed.


Byways to Blessedness by James Allen – Read the Complete Text for free at

All this was made known to the warders shortly afterwards, when, on his discharge, he took the mouse away with him. I recently heard, in substance, the following conversation between two men whom I will blfssedness D- and E. It leads to the perfecting of life, for he who thinks perfectly has abolished all unhappiness, his every moment is peaceful, his years are blessesness with bliss – he has attained to the complete and perfect blessedness.

He knows that a deadly sting lurks in those beautiful markings. But, not living in vain desires for herself, she is relieved of all burdens, and is happy.

Byways to Blessedness : James Allen : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

If blessedneess are given to anger or unkindness offer it up. Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information. Love the Shit Out of Yourself.


Classic Self Improvement Book. The partisan measures all men by his own standard, and sets up his judgements accordingly.

Whatever others may do or say, even though they may mock and taunt you, impatience is not only unnecessary, it can never do any other than aggravate the evil which it seeks to remove. Enlightened and awakened, freed from all selfish bias, and seeing men as they are, his heart responds in holy sympathy with all.

Allen’s practical philosophy for successful living has awakened millions to the discovery that “they themselves are makers of themselves. The Path Of Prosperity. At what hour do you rise?

The noble man is noble in every little thing he says and does. It is the beginning of love, of that divine love that does not seek its own; and he who practises it, who perfects himself in it, comes at last to realise that blessed state wherein the torments of pride and vanity and hatred and retaliation are forever dispelled, and good-will and peace are unchanging and unlimited.

When a man comes to under38 stand that every sin, whether of thought or deed, receives its just quota of suffering he ceases to condemn and begins to sympathise, seeing the sufferings which sin entails; and he comes to such understanding by purifying himself.

The levity with which he commits his errors and publishes his weakness comes back to him in the form of neglect and loss of influence and respect: He later married Lily L. Life is growth, development, evolution, and there is no essential distinction between the sinner and the saint – there is only a difference in degree.

It is the same with the liar, the slanderer, and the thief; he lives in this dark condition of mind and action because he is limited to it by his immature knowledge and experience, because never having lived in the higher conditions, he has no knowledge of them, and it is, to him, as if they were non-existent: There is no rest for him who broods over slights and injuries and wrongs; no quiet repose of mind for him who feels that he has been unjustly treated, and who schemes how best to act for the discomfiture of his enemy.

Know, then, the hidden sacrifice which it is needful that you should make. It is only when a man begins to sorrow for his sin, and so to rise above it into the clearer light of purity and understanding, that he ceases from condemning bywajs and learns to sympathise with them.