tratamentos pré-germinativos e inoculação micorrízica. O cultivo de maracujazeiro roxo tem aumentado na. Colômbia, como resultado direto. Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f edited by John Ocampo Pérez, Kris A. G. Wyckhuys. About this book. Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims. Front Cover. Univ. Nacional de Colombia, – pages.

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Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Other authors have described this same parameter through different models. In accordance with the results of the current study, Shiomi et al.

Hence, it can be said that the riper the product, the more of this metabolite it contains. Crecimiento y desarrollo del fruto de guayaba Psidium guajava L. It was deduced through the following equation: Swift growth lasted dw 21 DAF, when it tended to stabilize, as also observed by Shiomi et al.

In this regard, Carvajal et al. This situation could probably be due to differences in the studied genetic materials.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia – page 14

Timber Press Portland, Oregon; However, this difference was visually undetectable. J Ark Acad Sci.


Q Rev of Biol. Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3. Thus, electromagnetic, mechanical, electrochemical and statistical methods are currently available for such purposes Abott, colojbia Food Science and Technology 44 8: Andromonoecy and variation in phenotypic gender of Passiflora incarnata Passifloraceae. Juice extraction was carried out by cutting the fruits in halves and separating the shell from the flesh, which was then sieved through a tulle cloth to take apart the seeds while the liquid was collected in an ice refrigerated container.

Sin embargo, en tal altura algunas de estas especies aparecieron solo en calidad de ocasionales. A steady increase can be observed to progress along with fruit age in gklupa fruits on and off the vine, corresponding with previous reports on fruits that are also rich in this metabolite such as guava Psidium guajava L. Bot J Linn Soc. This indicates that growth takes place mainly during the first month.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f – Google Books

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 21 6: A direct measure of pollinator effectiveness. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. In addition, they found that fresh, commercial fruit and juice are dde featured by z -carotene and b -carotene, the latter contributing to vitamin A content.


Two regression models were fitted to estimate carotenoid content: Finally, Rojas et al.

In this context, the current research sought to establish carotenoid content evolution as related to fruit age and color changes. Figure 3 shows the evolution of carotenoid content in the analyzed gulupa juice samples. Color analyses were performed through destructive weekly samplings from 7 to DAF.

Purple passion fruit increased during all the growing stage. This parameter was fitted by a simple sigmoid W Weber monomolecular model with a R 2 prediction value of 0.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia

The studied parameters were satisfactorily explained by Weber’s Monomolecular model. Ketone extracts were mixed and filtered through Whatmann paper No.

Climatic parameter yearly average scores were: Fruit color change is significant as it promptly provides useful information about the ripening stage.