Karbala also Kerbala, is a city in central Iraq, located about km (62 mi) southwest of .. about the events of Karbala in both animated and realistic form ( see external links “Karbala: When the Skies Wept Blood”; “Safar-e-Karbala”). Sawaneh Karbala. Fehrist. Download This Book: E-mail This Book: سوانحِ کربلا ۔ اس کتاب کو پڑھنے کی بائیس نیتیں. المدینۃ العلمیہ ایک تعارف. See the meaning of the word कर्बला at Rekhta urdu dictionary.

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For the moth genus, see Kerbela moth.

Dastan E Karbala- Part-1

The battle itself occurred as a result of Husain’s refusal of Yazid I ‘s demand for allegiance to his caliphate. Districts of Iraq urdk their capitals. We should obey the rules and regulation of Islam…. Muhmmad Abdullah bhatti October 19, Alihassan November 7, But we delivered him Ibrahim and Lut from their Polytheistic opponentsand directed them to the land which we have blessed for the Worlds.

It all started from the fact that the great distance of India from Karbala prevented Indian Shi’is being buried near the tomb of Husayn or making frequent pilgrimages ziyarat to the tomb. Amjad Hussain October 24, Many of the city leaders fled leaving defense of the r largely to tradespeople. On 10 Muharram, Husayn ibn Ali prayed the morning prayer and led his troops into battle along with his brother Abbas.


Under Saddam Hussein ‘s rule, Shia religious observances in the city were greatly restricted and many non-Iraqi Shia were not permitted to f there at all. I have no words. Tens of millions of Shi’ite Muslims visit the site twice a year, rivaling Mecca as a place of pilgrimage. I wish hamari gov Islamic usool o qawanen zabrdast bnaye.

Karbala – Wikipedia

Retrieved June 9, On their way to the Mecca, they stopped at the site of the battle. Livelihoods at risk as level of Lake Razaza falls”.

History, Faith and Politics: Foreign Relations Bureau – Iraq. Continuum International Publishing Group. Kashan Awan Kashi October 18, I m speechless just pray that Allah gave rest to his soul. Faculty of Law, Arts, and Islamic Law.

Malik Shajar October 23, Once the karbalas were established on the subcontinent, the next step was to bring Husayn’s tomb-shrine to India.

Warith al-Anbiya University in Karbala, has recently been established under a project of Husayn Holy Shrine, having the faculties of engineering, administration, economics, law and pathology, which is ready to receive students for the first academic year — Assalmo Alikum Sir, Sir you have done a tremendous job by writing this but i have one objection.

Many of Husayn’s followers, including all of his present sons Ali AkbarAli Asghar six months old and his nephews Qassim, Aun and Muhammad were killed.

Tens of thousands of Shia Muslims from other countries visited US embassies to kxrbala visit visas to attend Ashura in Karbala. Udru imam hussain A. Archived from the original on Encyclopaedia of Iranian Architectural History in Persian. Video footage of the actual city exists in a British documentary entitled “Saddam’s Killing Fields.


This is the reason why Indian Shi’is established local karbalas on the subcontinent by bringing soil from Karbala and sprinkling it on lots designated as future cemeteries.

The History of Saudi Arabia. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Karbala. Hussainyat Zindabad Yazeed kuty py lanat beshumar. Retrieved 25 November Lewis, Noah and the Flood: The shrines were rebuilt by Shi’ites believe that Karbala is one of the holiest places on Earth according to the following traditions among others:.

Main Divisions and Movements Within Islam: Views Read Urd View history. There are many opinions among different investigators, as to the origin of the word “Karbala”. Urud of now, there are two universities in Karbala. In order to reassert their authority, the Ottoman army laid siege to the city.

Islamic Art in the 19th Century: World Meteorological Organisation UN [17]. Heavy presence by police and Iraqi troops seemed to have kept out suicide bombers who have disrupted previous rituals.