Switchvox Extension Owner User Guide. 3. Contents. 1 Overview 8. 2 Setup 9. My Account 9. Voicemail and Web Suite Password 9. Language Setting This article is the guide to all Switchvox articles. Switchvox Appliance E-Series Quick Setup Guide Switchvox Extension User Documentation (/Main). Digium IP Phone User Guide provides info about the setup and use of Digium IP phones when a Digium Configuration Server is not in use.

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Switchvox Paging Instructions

Those cloud PBX providers, among others, promote that they don’t lock customers into their own hardware as did traditional PBX suppliers, who were notorious for locking their customers into their proprietary systems. A company official would only share that it’s highly survivable, available, and resilient, with It would be nice if Digium had a wider choice of phones as well, though the four it does offer—the D60, D62, D65, and D80—are all high-quality hardware with bright color displays.

Once you’ve established how many lines and phones you’ll need, you’ll configure your extensions and call routing policies through the admin console. In the Tools section, admins can access an IVR menu editor, create time settings, manage call recording, and set up event triggers. In the Setup section, an admin can configure converged phones, Digium phones, feature packs, groups, permissions, settings, and users.

While the company has been around for nearly two decades, it’s not as well-known as some of its competitors, but it does offer a solid set of features and a reasonable value if you intend to use them. Digium also offers a useful administrator console that provides useful tools for call monitoring, real-time queuing, and a variety of other reports.


Digium Switchvox Review & Rating |

It’s also easy to access voice messages and swiychvox up and manage contracts. On the hardware side, its features are integrated into a choice of four different phones, which all have color displays. If you have misgivings about using a cloud PBX service bundled with the provider’s phones, or you simply don’t like the digiim Digium offers, then this service might not be the best option for your company.

Jeffrey Schwartz is a New York-based freelance journalist covering information technology IT and communications. The Digium phones are designed to auto-provision the network settings and features of the Switchvox service.

These features include video conferencingpresence management, instant chat, the ability to create call routing preferences, and the ability to flip easily between a desk phone and mobile device. But many business buyers, especially those with limited IT staffs, are quite content with the one-stop-shop approach of buying phone sets tied to one service.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls.

When enabled, users can dial a call directly from the Outlook contact with an embedded dial button. Asterisk, Digium’s parent company, is the sponsor idgium its namesake open-source UCC framework for developers and the platform that supports both the Switchvox on-premises and cloud PBX services.

It has a 4. While those are the only connectors Digium currently offers it would be nice to see the company roll out morecustomers can link other apps, including their own custom software, by using the Digium API, which lets developers build apps in the widely used JavaScript language. At the high-end, the D80 Figure 2 is driven by a 7-inch, touch-screen display, and embedded menu options that can render visualizations of voicemail, presence, contacts, and call handling capabilities.

That’s further complicated by the company’s r eticence to share too much about its cloud PBX infrastructure. It would be switchvo to have that same mobile app act as a desktop softphone, especially if you don’t like to dial from the desk phone.


Company offers its own phones designed for integration with the service. This person will gather configuration information such as how many extensions are needed, what types of permissions different employees should receive, and what other features people in the organization might need. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Unless it shows an upload speed of less than figium Mbps, latency of more than ms, and jitter of more than 50ms, you’re set to go.

Digium Switchvox

Setting up user extensions is typically among the usre steps where you can create extensions, modify them, or import them from other systems. The admin console also offers quite a few other tools for businesses that want to embed specific apps into the phone. It also can run third-party apps such as Google Maps.

Reports, Server, Setup, and Tools. Switchbox has no traditional buttons or dialpad keys. It’s easy to configure by inputting the basic information in the Setup wizard. This provides access to the tool, which lets you upload the final packaged app.

Setting up basic conference calls from the phone sets or mobile clients is also straightforward. Digium has an online tool to xigium each location, which takes a minute or two. The package is quite suitable if you like their phones, which are all sturdy devices.