Bol Chil Parasitol. Jan-Mar; [Human fascioliasis hepatica ( distomatosis)]. [Article in Spanish]. FAIGUENBAUM J, FERES A, DONCKASTER R. The first section gives a detailed account of two human cases of hepatic distomatosis produced by Fasciola hepatica. In the second the occurrence of this . Comprobación de distomatosis hepática por fasciola hepática en huéspedes bovinos en la zona alta del páramo del Estado Mérida / José Fernando Vivas.

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Helminthiases Veterinary helminthology Animal diseases Neglected diseases Tropical diseases. Comparative pathogenesis and immunochemistry analysis of Fasciola gigantica infection in cattle and sheep.

Sign in to customize your interests Sign in to your personal account. Coprological examinations of stool alone are generally not adequate because infected humans have important clinical presentations long before eggs are found in the stools. Sign in to save your search Sign in to your personal account. In case of a suspected outbreak it may be useful to keep track of dietary history, which is also useful for exclusion of differential diagnoses.

Abstract This monograph is made up of reprinted articles distonatosis “Vida Neuva” with certain distomztosis material.

[Human fascioliasis hepatica (distomatosis)].

Praziquantel treatment is ineffective. Resistance-induced changes in triclabendazole transport in Fasciola hepatica: Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Parasitol Latinoam ; Few cases were documented in Japan, Koreas, Vietnam, and Thailand. In animals, triclabendazole resistance was first described in Australia, [57] later in Ireland [58] and Scotland [59] and more recently in the Netherlands.


Not to be confused with Fasciolopsis. Intermediate hosts of F.

Se manifiesta principalmente por dolor en el hipocondrio derecho, malestar general, fiebre e ictericia. Recibido el 29 de marzo deaceptado el 26 de septiembre de Methods based on antigen detection circulating in serum or in faeces are less frequent. The course of fasciolosis in humans has 4 main phases: By using this site, you agree distomatoais the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The rate of recurrence of the human infection has been underestimated in the last years; however hepatida reports remain and only some onsets of variable evolution associated with diatomatosis consumption of vegetables or contaminated waters are reported. In Africa, human cases of fasciolosis, except in northern parts, have not been frequently reported.

This situation with its potential for misdiagnosis can be avoided by having the patient follow a liver-free diet several days before a repeat stool examination.

La distomatosis hepatica en Cuba.

This new drug is called ‘Compound Alpha’ and is chemically very similar to triclabendazole. Triclabendazole Fasinex is considered as the most common drug due to its high efficacy against adult as well as juvenile flukes. WHO, Geneva, pp. TV, Rise in animal liver fluke cases alarms South Cotabato. Please Choose One of the Following Options.

[Human fascioliasis hepatica (distomatosis)].

There is no cure and death follows quickly. This article is only available in the PDF format. In addition antibody concentration quickly drops post treatment and no antibodies are present one year after treatment, which makes it a very good diagnostic method.

They must be treated forthwith to prevent complications with surra and hemorrhagic septicemia diseases. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Sign in below to access your subscription for full content. Well-known human hyperendemic areas are distmatosis predominately in the high plain called altiplano. Mc Graw Hill ; Moreover, the fluke eggs are detectable in faeces 8—12 weeks post-infection.

After the penetration of the intestine, flukes migrate within the abdominal cavity and penetrate the liver or other organs. Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Chile. The development of infection in definitive host is divided into two phases: The disease is a plant-borne trematode zoonosis[1] and is classified as a neglected tropical disease NTD. Several drugs are effective for fascioliasis, both in humans and in domestic animals.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. The first article covers two autochthonous cases of the parasite in man.

Fasciolosis: presentación de dos casos

Create Your Free Account Why? This is a monographic record of cases of liver fluke disease in Cuba. Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases: Se decide ingrasarlo para su mejor estudio y tratamiento. In the second the occurrence of this condition in Cuba is surveyed and treatment is discussed, while in the third the specific action of emetine is emphasized.

However, parasite resistance in animals, as well as in man, has been reported to this drug. Please click on the PDF icon to access. Moreover, in many human infections, the fluke eggs are often not found in the faeces, even after multiple faecal examinations.