Create a parser:: parser = () Several optional arguments may be passed to modify the parser’s behavior. Please see. reStructuredText (RST, ReST, or reST) is a file format for textual data used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. It is part of the Docutils project of the Python Doc-SIG ( Documentation. RST is a file format formely created by Python community to write documentation (and so, is part of Docutils). RST files are simple text files with lightweight syntax.

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Becomes the body of the math block. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Auto-numbered footnotes generate a number as their footnote label and reference name.

Explicit markup blocks all begin with an explicit block marker, two periods and a space:. One, required admonition title Directive Options: Character-Level Inline Markup It is possible to mark up individual characters within a word with backslash escapes see Escaping Mechanism above. Tables may be given titles with the table directive.

Source code for docutils.parsers.rst

Each vertical bar prefix indicates a new line, so line breaks are preserved. Raise an error if the directive does not have contents. Anonymous targets begin with “. The simplest solution dicutils backslashes appear in Python docstrings is to use raw docstrings: Writes into result the rst ast n using the d configuration.


Units New in Docutils 0. The following options are recognized: Unknown directives will trigger level-3 error system messages.

Creating reStructuredText Directives — Docutils documentation

This is to prevent ordinary paragraphs from being mistakenly interpreted as list items, when they happen to begin with text identical to enumerators. Checks for an argument raises ValueError if foundreturns None for valid flag options. Standalone hyperlinks are treated as URIs, even if they end docutile an underscore like in the example of a Python function documentation:.

For example, the following hyperlink references are equivalent:. Examples are web pages and FTP sites: Problems of ambiguity due to conflicting duplicate implicit and explicit reference names are avoided by following this procedure:.

Inline literals may contain any characters except two adjacent backquotes in an end-string context according to the recognition rules above. Item 1 initial text. Blank lines are required between explicit markup blocks and other elements, but are optional between explicit markup blocks where unambiguous. To specify “http-equiv” META tags, simply omit the name: The minimum indentation will be removed from each line of an indented literal block.

Field lists map field names to field bodies, like database records. The default is no suffix. The lines of this paragraph are aligned at the left. Warning – The following line appears to be a new sublist, but it is not: The first line of a document is treated as if it is preceded by a blank line, and the last line of a document is treated as if it is followed by a blank line.


This is also true, if the class directive is “nested” at the end of an indented text block, for example: See The Docutils Document Tree and the docutils. Option lists are two-column lists of command-line options and descriptions, documenting a program’s options.

Examples are web pages and FTP sites:. Directives begin with an explicit markup start two periods and a spacefollowed by the directive type and two colons collectively, the “directive marker”. In other words, these are all equivalent please pay attention to the colons after “Paragraph”:.


Blank lines are permitted within simple tables. Section numbers are enclosed in a “generated” element, and titles have their “auto” attribute set to “1”. Any programmer can learn the basics in 15 dodutils or less.

There must be blank lines before the caption paragraph and before the legend. The following are recognized as field list items: Sidebars can also be likened to super-footnotes; their content is outside of the flow of the document’s main text.