The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the premier investigating agency of India. . The amended Delhi Special Police Establishment Act empowers a The legal powers of investigation of the CBI are derived from the DSPE Act , . provisions of Section 6 of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, ( Central members of the Delhi Special Police Establishment, we do not think the . Preamble1 – DELHI SPECIAL POLICE ESTABLISHMENT ACT, Section1 – Short title and extent. Section1A – Interpretation section. Section2 – Constitution.

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Lepcha, Nisha Rasaily to hold dance workshop. At present there is no provision in the Bill for seeking prior approval of ds;e Commission or the head of the Department etc.

Prohibitions or limitations or provisions contained in ordinary laws cannot, ipso facto, act as prohibitions or limitations on the constitutional powers under Article Section 3 of the Dejhi Special Police Establishment Actit has been observed that the Central Government may by notification in the Official Gazette specify the offences or Veeraswami4 was dsle distinguishable.

Himachal Pradesh High Court Army shelters 3, tourists.

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 3. It is relevant to mention that prior to the passing of order dated When the complaint and source information reveal commission of a prime facie cognizable offence, a regular case is to be registered as enjoined by law. Delhi Special Police Establishment Act25 of 2 c ,8 b ,14 The Single Directive protected, inter alia, a class of officers from being investigated by the CBI or in the registering of a case against that class of officers.

Sravana and anoth TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. On itself when Chandrakant was at Valpoi, Ramjatan Those accused received two-year sentences. Archived from the original on 25 April The CBI being a Union subject may investigate:.

According to him, requirement of sanction under Section 6A dse to be interpreted strictly dsep cannot be waived under any circumstances. Section 20 of the Act as quoted above deals with the special provision in Union of India, 4 SCC 1 investigations were conducted by the local police in respect of a senior government official, without any previous approval, and a challan filed in the court of the Special Judge dealing with offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, The aim of investigation is ultimately to search for truth and bring the offender to the book.


This Court has also cautioned in Samaj Parivartan Samudaya v. Interrogation rooms, cells, dormitories and conference halls are provided. Before this, Kohli was Inspector-general of police for the Special Police Establishment from to and held law-enforcement axt in Madhya Bharat as chief of policeUttar Pradesh and local central-government offices.

The Supreme Court, vide its judgment in Subhash Chand v. In my opinion, this section has no application to a constitutional court monitored inquiry or investigation. The Comptroller and Auditor General CAG adt its Performance Audit on allocation of coal blocks and augmentation of coal production has estimated loss to the public exchequer to the tune of about Rs.

High Court in terms of sub-section 3 of section Cr. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. In short, the proceedings in this matter have had great educative value and it does appear that it has helped in future decision- making and functioning of the public authorities.

Central Bureau of Investigation

Whether it is within the domain of judicial review and it could be an effective instrument for activating the investigative process which is under the control of the executive? This case has helped to develop a adt within the discipline of law for the conduct of such a proceeding in similar situations.

Bhaskar Ramappa Madar And Others v. The Bureau aft Investigation traces its origins to the Special Police Establishmenta Central Government Police force, which was set up in by the Government of India to investigate bribery and corruption in transactions with the War and Supply Department of India.

Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, ,

Special Police Establishment or is investigated by any other agency empowered 1496 make investigation under any Central Act other than the Code of Criminal Procedure. In such cases, intimation of refusal to grant permission along with reasons thereof, will have to be put up to the Prime Minister. Collection of evidence relating to the commission of the offence which may consist of the examination of: Valson And Another v.


Triple Talaq bill to be taken up in RS on Monday. Sikkim at a Glance.

The Single Directive was the subject of challenge in Vineet Narain v. In Vineet Narain, the issue of equality before law was adverted to in paragraph 44 of the Report. Assam High Court had given a verdict on 6 Novemberthat CBI is unconstitutional and does not hold a legal status. PW 35 drafted observation report of the scene of offence, Ext.

Union Of India And Ors. State Of Bihar TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal axt.

In democracy, the opposition and the critique of the government is an inevitable part of the governance. Xspe supervise would mean to observe and direct acg execution of a task whereas to monitor would only mean to maintain surveillance. Prior to dpse present case, there was a general outcry that allocations of coal blocks for mining and exploitation were arbitrarily made in various parts of the country to private players which in effect amounted to distribution of largesse by the Central Government to these private players.

Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction 4. Then trial becomes a farce. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Himachal Pradesh High Court. Unfortunately, rather than make a serious attempt to consider the Report or the views of this Court, the Single Directive was given a fresh lease of life, and a statutory one at that, by enacting Section 6A in the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, Authority For Advance Rulings Veeraswami4 has no application to the officers covered by aact single directive.