: Traplines (): Eden Robinson: Books. Remember the name Eden Robinson. You will be seeing it again, on other covers. Born on the Haisla Nation Kitamaat reserve in British Columbia, Robinson, traplines by Eden Robinson. The story was about a boy, will living with his parents and then goes to live with his teacher. His teacher’s husband.

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Smythe, offers to adopt Will, he must make a choice that all Indigenous people in Canada are forced to make: Read it for my first book club experience, which wasn’t so enjoyable. Similarly, his parents over-consume alcohol, often neglecting him. Does Adelaine believe that her mother knew about the abuse her uncle Josh underwent while at residential school, or does Adelaine believe her mother knew that Josh was sexually rbinson her, or perhaps both?

It is only later in the narrative that we learn that this relationship between the brothers is an abusive one.

TRAPLINES by Eden Robinson | Kirkus Reviews

For example, at a party with her cousin, Adelaine decides to explain to her cousin who gave her the dollars that they used to throw the robinon. He notes that he is alone with Mr. She is worried if she reveals something about her mother or her past, Paul and Janet will decide not to keep her: At the same time, she becomes consumed by the idea that Paul and Janet are perfect parents, and that she is unworthy eobinson such perfection.

If I was Paulina, he thought, who would I see?

This is a terrific, far-too-short collection. Refiguring the Native-European Relationship 35 4 Karaoke: I suspect that I am perhaps not part of the demographic of the book’s intended target audience. The deadness was gone now, and I felt electrified. When he reached over, I put my hands up and covered my face. He then instinctively covers his face, assuming a physical response from Mr.

Uncle Josh never got her anything, and later that afternoon she screamed about it. In her new non-Native surroundings, Lisa continues to resist a refiguring of her self- identity, which leads her to feeling unworthy and suicidal.


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Traplines: Stories

Therefore, along with a universal reading, I will also examine the text through a Post-Colonial framework, looking specifically at the mother figure as stereotyped Native savage. Nov 03, James Campbell rated it it was amazing. Read through a particular Post Colonial lens, the non-Native Smythes live in order and abundance, while Will and his family live in squalor and violence.

This act proves to what length his cousin is willing to go to control him.


According to the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, eight out of ten Aboriginal women experience physical, sexual, psychological, or ritual abuse, a rate twice as high as that in non-Aboriginal society.

In fact, Lisa describes in great detail three different suicide attempts, the first two at the ages of fourteen and fifteen, and a third at her present age, which we assume to be about sixteen.

This leaves the impression that Will is capable of seeing the charming exterior, but is well aware edsn the grim activities that go on inside those snug houses of Tucca. Craig means well by making this joke, but he inadvertently rubs in a sense of cultural superiority.

While Jimmy and Adelaine lay together in a field, the perfect opportunity presents itself for Adelaine to tell Jimmy that she is being sexually abused by her uncle. It would seem that Tom is beginning to believe that it is futile to try to get away from Jeremy.

After school one afternoon, Lisa finds herself being chased home by Ginger. Told from a third-person omniscient perspective, we learn that the protagonist Tom is both psychologically and physically abused by his older cousin Jeremy. Her self-inflicted pain, here demonstrated through the scraping of sandpaper against her skin, is also evident in her previous suicide attempts.

Eden Robinson is a literary powerhouse. In fact, Hoy questions if it is possible to read Traplines without a Post- Colonial framework in mind: With little to no help from friends and family, Adelaine works to both end the abuse and depart on a new path of self- identity.


The Happy Meal came with a free toy—a plastic Garfield riding a motor scooter. Please go read it! Want to Read saving…. Eren book is intoxicating. Once recovered, Adelaine leaves Vancouver and rejoins trzplines family on the reserve.

The houses lining the street look snug.

After losing his after-school job at Chuckie Burgers, Tom suddenly finds himself in a problematic living situation, for he can no longer provide financially for his mother and himself.

Please provide an email address. Despite the mean-spirited nature of this dog, this scene is horrifying for its detailed slaying of this animal, as well as the chilling account of the engrossed nature with which Mama teaplines. In this example however, Will does not see robijson image through the eyes of Mrs.

Hardcoverpages. Queen of the north is a great addition to monkey beach. He’s a cartoon and a real riot until you realise that you really shouldn’t be laughing at this lunatic’s antics. To ask other readers questions about Traplinesplease sign up. Having discovered Robinson’s eobinson through her novel Monkey BeachI was not quite sure whether her other work would follow paths and This combined review of Traplines and Blood Sports was first posted on BookLikes.

May 20, Karen rated it really liked it. Nov 01, Susan Armstrong rated it really liked it. Eric will go to traplinds lot of parties and get really stoned. I am currently reading this entire book for this course called Postcolonial and Transnational literature tralines writing an essay focussing on Contact Sports and the relationship between different forms of violence and the struggle for identity.