Problemas del realismo – Georg Lukács El asalto a la razón. La trayectoria del irracionalismo desde Schelling hasta Hitler – Georg Lukács. by Lu ka qi; Georg Lukacs.; Wang jiu xing.;. Print book. Chinese El asalto a la razón: la trayectoria del irracionalismo by György Lukács · El asalto a la razón . (). Introduccion General a la Historia de Derecho. Barcelona, Gedisa. LESSIG , , , , , LUKACS, Georg. (). El asalto a la razon.

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This rests on his undoubted philosophical abilities.

Firstly, an oscillation between the most acute feeling for nuance, the keenest over sensitivity, and a suddenly erupting, often hysterical brutality is always an intrinsic sign of decadence. Everything depends on creating lukafs whereby these peak achievements of nature can be not only preserved but also systematically produced. For Nietzsche himself, eternal recurrence is the decisive counter-idea to the concept of becoming.

Although backward-looking inferences asakto resulted from their critique, which was only partially accurate, their correct critical observations are of significance in the history of philosophy nonetheless.

To this outlook his asalt mode of expression is no doubt intimately related. Nietzsche, however, was not satisfied with tracing the good and true back to biological vital interests, thereby depriving them of all absolute, objective worth.

I have demonstrated the kinship of these contrasting qualities in other contexts in the oeuvre of Rilke, who practised a far greater refinement still. Anticipating the spread of agnosticism into the sphere of myth, he showed in his myth-making a careless daring that general bourgeois developments only came close to matching at the end of the first imperialist world war, as in the work of Spengler.

And even when he The reader will have already observed the scientific worth of such essays from our previous quotation concerning Voltaire and Rousseau. It is our belief that they can be found in the aggravation georf those socio-political conflicts which governed the second half of the seventies cultural conflict, but above all the anti-socialist laws. The method itself, of course, came into being long before him.


In its farrago of pseudo-science and wild fantasy, this doctrine has caused many Nietzsche interpreters a lot of embarrassment.

During the rise of irrationalism, epistemological questions played a decisive role in philosophy. Nietzsche proceeded resolutely from this distortion, which manifested itself in his age as world-weariness, pessimism, nihilism, dissipation, lack of self-belief, lack of perspectives and so on. And it was by no means limited to the reactionary part of the intelligentsia.

NietzscheBerlinpp. Here Nietzsche was a direct forerunner of the Hitlerian view.

Die Zerstörung der Vernunft der Weg des Irrationalismus von Schelling Zu Hitler

That it springs up from a barbarian condition is some thing we might accept as confirming historical facts. Finally — the most dreadful thing of all — in the concept of the good person, supporting all that is feeble, sick, botched, the own cause of its suffering, all that is intended to perish — the law of selection con founded, an ideal lulacs of gainsaying the proud and well-fashioned man, yea-saying, confident, guardian of the future — this man is now called the evil one On the one hand, gforg read in his Zarathustra notes: Sign in to use this feature.

It was in the light of such considerations that Nietzsche taxed Darwin as follows in The Twilight of the Idols: Christianity is the revolt of all grovelling creatures against that which has stature: Only when Nietzsche had over come this illusion did he adopt a dismissive attitude of increasing sharpness towards Darwin and Darwinism.


Gerhard Steingress – With Nietzsche this question is completely reversed.

The subsequent thesis contains, on the basis of the same reflections upon the fragility and vulnerability of the higher type, a bland denial of any development in nature oa history. Hence this act of assuming could still furnish no proof of reality: If we complement these statements with a further one lukcas his drafts for his final works, it will not be for the sake of comprehensiveness, for we could devote many more pages to such quotations.

Some very essential features of a real bourgeois-revolutionary transformation were lacking in Germany and Razno to say nothing of Austria and Hungaryand there still existed very many relics of feudal absolutism, but from now on it was only thinkable that these could be liquidated through a revolution led by the proletariat.

The Destruction of Reason by Georg Lukacs

The epistemological appeal to adopt the most extreme irrationalism, to deny completely all knowability of the world and all reason, coupled with a moral appeal to all the bestial and barbaric instincts, is an — unconscious — admission of this position. Nietzsche, on the contrary, wanted to show that the demise of the idea of God or the death of God would entail a moral renaissance in the sense we asalti noted above.

This alone enabled him to comprehend and define prevailing tendencies because, lacking any understanding of capitalist economics, he was solely capable of observing, describing eazon expressing the symptoms of the superstructure.