Ericsson AB | A | Figure -X. What does OSS Training Provide? › It allows to build and maintain competence for customers in OSS-RC, ENIQ ST and ENIQ. What is ENIQ? Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) Is a multi-vendor and multi- technology data mining and reporting system to measure network capabilities ( KPIs). The following WCDMA RAN analysis features are part of the Ericsson product portfolio: • ENIQ, Ericsson Network IQ • RES, Radio Environment Statistics.

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Learning situation The course is based on workshop activities, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. You are now acquainted with the operation of ENIQ using product and customer reports, but sometimes you feel lost ericsdon the comprehensiveness of this new performance tool.

It describes the functionalities of ENIQ, how it brings value to your business, and how it differs from the previous solutions. Discuss the Job Structure and differentiate between the various components of a job such as tasks and activities. It provides for a lot of practical exercises too. Prerequisites There are no pre-requisites. In the practical sessions the students will be presented with the tasks required to administer and maintain an OSS RC system.

Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world. They also learn erricsson the benefits associated with these applications.

Explain various access techniques. It should be noted that this is not an OSS-RC operations course where the applications are operated, and neither does it give any information on how to operate or administer different network elements.

A universe is a logical data model which provides end users with graphical presentation of measurement and reference data dimensions. F Commercial in Confidence 25 Email: LZUAXE Survey Duration and class size The length of the course is 10 days and the maximum number of participants is 8 Learning situation This is a instructor-led training course based on exercises given in a technical environment using equipment and tools, which can also be accessed remotely Ericsson AB Global Services SE 80 Stockholm Telephone: Rev Last modified by: Describe the architecture of the FM System.


Following this course you will be better prepared to use report published on the Web portal, but it will also prepare you to attend further ENIQ 11 Statistics courses.

WDCMA Performance Statistics | Akteruzzaman Sumon –

Understand the actions available from each CEX view. Detailed analysis focused on days highlighted with red and yellow. Ericsson Nikola Teslas view of collaboration between academic communities and enterprises Participants will complete practical site management exercises using on-line documentation and the IS Management Interfaces. Duration and class size The length of the course is 1 day and the maximum number of participants is 8.

The students erocsson gain an understanding of how to use OSS-RC tools appropriately to ensure more efficient network management and a higher quality network. Prerequisites The participants should be familiar with OSS-RC, its product structure, and the applications and functions provided. Preferably students have attended one of the following courses before: Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics.

Configure the different parts of the group switch. F Commercial in Confidence 35 Email: It can be increased by one or another value, for example to accumulate the number of bits transferred due to specific activity.

Describe the functionality of SMO. This would result in duplicating the data in the statistics ROP files, causing unnecessary increase of their size. Ericsson IMS an e2e offering Duration and class size The length of the course is 5 days and the maximum number of participants is 8. F Commercial in Confidence 32 Email: There are several other courses which act ericsosn an add-on modules to this course, they are each 1day modules.

Due to these types of counters, it is possible to get the average value of all samples by dividing the accumulator counter by the scan counter. Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free. When finishing ericsaon course the students will have a deeper understanding of operation and configuration activities in AXE exchanges in an efficient way.


– Ericsson

Prerequisites The participants should be familiar with telecommunication basics. The maximum number of participants is 8. To create your own reports you can attend Operation Customer reports and Report migration workshop; to administer ENIQ you can attend System and dataflow administration. These improvements encompass new features, functionality and broader network support.

This course will describe fully where the information is stored and how to troubleshoot problems with the Configuration Services, Notification Service or in any associated areas and collect data relating to the problems. Two different types of performance recordings are used: Operation Product reportsOperation Customer reportsReport migration workshop, System and dataflow administration. Ericsson User Created Date: After the course the students will be able to handle network element connections, administration of the OSS-RC related applications and both standard and corrective maintenance of the system.

Participants will learn about different network devices and will develop a detailed understanding of LAN Switching, Routing and Routing protocols.

PPT – Ericsson Network IQ PowerPoint presentation | free to view – id: cdeZDc1Z

F Commercial in Confidence 14 Email: You are familiar with the performance management of your network, and you are already using the ENIQ product reports relevant to your technology. Many customers do face this situation too. If the value ericssin within a certain range, the range counter for that range is increased.