For more information on ExtendScript, see JavaScript Tools Guide. to develop your own structured FrameMaker templates and XML or SGML applications. MIF (Maker Interchange Format) is a FrameMaker file format that allows you to easily apply available configuration settings which FrameMaker checks at launch . “SGML at Work” takes a sample FrameMaker document (could have been any Document management o Texcel Information Manager Graphics Tools o SnagIt o SGML Companion DTD Browser Installation Configuration Using the SGML. At SGML/XML’97, we will learn how it has evolved, see XML tools and . SGML has grown to a point where document management systems are finally available for The presentation also addresses: configuration management and version .. Adobe FrameMaker+SGML is a document editing and publishing system with .

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Mnaagement reference for all application properties that can be defined in a structure application definition file. Organizations that use structured FrameMaker have even greater capabilities for generating other output formats from the XML created by structured FrameMaker.

Element doftware Following seven rules control how the elements are used in terms of their sequence, number of occurrences, and group. The template file defines the formats and the styles and a style guide defines how to work correctly with the template. Your content analysis indicates that your information does not match existing structures very well. There is obviously significant interest in the user assistance community about authoring XML documents with structured FrameMaker.

SGML/XML SGML is Alive, Growing, Evolving!

You can reuse format change lists for related elements. Elements may have one or more attributes, which allow authors to associate additional information with elements. For example, suppose that a Help deliverable consists of topics and the chapters in a book also consist of topics. The result is better than any estimation we could have made.

All Indicates that child elements can appear in any sequence but must appear at least once. Our approach is based on the belief that task analysis and simplification is the most difficult part of creating effective wizards. The resulting file is your structured template.

ExtendScript is an extended implementation of JavaScript that provides a scripting interface for FrameMaker and many other Adobe applications. If you work with both structured and unstructured FrameMaker documents, you can do all of your work in structured FrameMaker.


In the process, a description of various simple and more complicated tabular structures will be provided. It provides a default SGML representation of special formatting objects such as graphics, tables, and cross-references but supports numerous variations of these defaults.

How to Use Both to Your Advantage Chris WheedletonSAIC “Meta” data, the descriptive data about content objects which can be found in and around document processing systems, plays a key role in providing information that framemaier the processing of SGML content such as printing, searching or filtering while also providing behind-the-scenes information.

Read on further to know more about these connectors and how to create your own CMS connector either from scratch or using one of the connectors provided as a starting point. The following table shows a high-level analysis for a book:. Apart from the EDD and the structured template, you also need: Alan Houser is president of Group Wellesleya firm that provides consulting, training, donfiguration application development services to support single-source publishing, electronic publishing, and XML-based publishing.

Open and edit the FrameMaker INI files in any text editor such as Notepadto easily apply available configuration settings which FrameMaker checks at launch. Choice Indicates one or the other child element can occur. There are issues and twists that make every implementation of SGML unique. FrameMaker is now a single product with two somewhat different authoring interfaces. Use a standard Build your own You are required to deliver content that follows the standard.

Additionally, you need to link the element definitions with confiyuration information. You have resources available, whether in-house or as consultants, who can build the structure. For instructions on installing the FDK. The use of James Clark’s sgmlnorm program to process a document conforming to the new DTD is shown, and the possibilities opened up by the use of architectural forms are explored.

FrameMaker steps you through each validity error in the document, reports the error, and allows you to fix it. Retrieving text from a broken xref. You use FrameMaker to format the resulting data. The structure view also provides an active editing interface. Two meta-DTDs are used, one to define the architectural forms for the object model and another to map the existing SGML data onto those forms. You’ll find extensive code and software configurations you can use today.


Interactive XML generation is feasible. Close all files in a book without saving.

FrameMaker: Structured or Unstructured?

A day fully-functional trial version of FrameMaker 7. The overall format of a document is relatively simple to adjust, and template-based documents tend to be significantly easier to maintain than documents that are manually formatted. He holds managenent B. The following table describes some of the factors that influence whether managemet will use a standard specification or build your own structure.

These template-based FrameMaker documents may be referred to as unstructured FrameMaker documents, and the authoring interface may be called either FrameMaker, or unstructured FrameMaker.

Getting started with structured applications

With the release of FrameMaker 7. Your content requirements closely match an existing structure. In this case study we will explain the implementation of an interactive system to improve the accessibility of technical supplier documentation by utilizing the SGML standard. The structured application lists all of the component files in your structure implementation and provides configuration information. No other book provides you with the ability to hit the ground running.

You can link elements in the EDD to formatting in three ways: Authors can select any element and all of its content by clicking on the element bubble. The first time you invoke FrameMaker, the application prompts you for the interface you wish to run.

FrameMaker Developer Center

Attributes provide the ability to attach additional property information to elements. The element schema, a child of the XMLApplication element, specifies the schema file path for export.

You only need to make minimal changes to the standard structure. All structured documents in FrameMaker use elements.

The idea of “resources” will be introduced and several standard resources will be identified that should be available on both the client browser and server web server through these examples.