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Outside the Matrix Posts: It also states that the air gap between the magnets of the rotor and the stator are a compromise in that the greater the gap, the smoother the running but the lower the power. However, the internet and free sharing of information through it, is making things very difficult ibfo them.

The current flow causes breakdown of the water contained in the electrolyser, resulting in the amount eenrgy gas predicted by Faraday or less if the electrolyser is not well ffree and accurately built.

Conventional science says that permanent magnets can’t be used as a source of power. I agree with you on these thoughts. I am involved in the group implementation of the attached Don Smith device circuit. The purpose of this eBook is to present the facts about some of these devices and more importantly, where possible, explain the background details of why and how systems of that type function.

Doing that is not easy, but there are many alternative methods. Conventional science says that this is impossible, which just goes to show that conventional science is out of date and needs to be upgraded to cover systems like this where excess energy is flowing in from the local environment. The Teruo Kawai Motor. Originally Posted by mr. It should be stressed that this information is what he has dis co vered as part of his interest in the subject and is mainly a reporting on what is being said by other people.


As another example, consider a glass tumbler filled completely with water. As far as the boat can travel while the sun is up and if the battery bank is large, probably most of the night as well.

Free energy

Making a Solid-state Tesla Coil. Here, current is supplied to the electrolyser by the electrical supply. The Relay Coil Battery Charger.

A very effective way to determine the actual power draw of any item of household equipment is to use a cheap, mains watt-meter such as the one shown here. Not very long ago, it was widely believed energj nobody could ride a bicycle faster than 15 miles per hour because the wind pressure on the face of the rider would suffocate him.

One way is to use an Ecklin-Brown style of electrical generator, where the shaft rotation does not move magnets past coils, but instead, moves a magnetic screen which alternatively blocks and restores a magnetic path through the generating coils. This is dramatically better than Faraday thought was possible and it allows power production through recombining that HHO gas to give water again, as the power produced is ljkbook above the amount of power needed to split the water in the first place.

The NE Timer Chip. Using banks of batteries tends to be very expensive, very space-consuming and replacement batteries are needed at frequent intervals, giving the user a disposal problem and additional cost.

At sun-up on the next day, you can continue your journey. Background download Appendix Part 2 Size 4 Mb, containing: Lead shielding is used to make this a safe frfe to use. Followed by going cco some conspiracy theory issues followed by listing several magnetic devices unrelated to anything created by ShenHe Wang.


But as such I have found it invaluable as a starting point for any investigation. When I go to the download it shows Size: Let me amplify that by stating that I do not warrant that any device or system described in this document works as described, or in any other way, nor do I claim that any of the following information is useful in any way or that any device described is useful in any way or for any purpose whatsoever.

Mostly, assumptions are made that the effects of anything else around will cancel out and add up to a net zero effect. I – 21 Moray’s demonstrations were highly unpopular with some people and he was shot at in his car. We are surrounded by so much energy that a simple ebergy and earth connection can draw in very large amounts of electrical power from the local environment.

The amount of power which can be collected can be very high and the few kilowatts needed to power a household is most definitely within the reach of most of the devices mentioned.

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

Today, aircraft weighing hundreds of tons fly on a daily basis. John Bedini’s spike-generating system can charge several batteries at the same time. We have a mobile phone in our pocket and could easily use it to talk to friends in other countries almost anywhere in the world.