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Regarding the morphological classification [14], the study that served as reference found. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Prevalence of the different upper labial frenulum insertion locations. Table 2 shows that the simple frenulum predominates over the other types, representing. Rev Dent Press Period Implantol ;4 1: The Applications of diode and Er: Among all the approaches for frenectomy which were employed in the present case series, the electrocautery procedure offered the advantage of minimal time consumption and a bloodless field during the surgical procedure, with no requirement of sutures.

Papilla penetrating — when the frenal fibres cross the alveolar process and extend up to the palatine papilla. The maxillary labial frenum develops as a post-eruptive remnant of the ectolabial bands which connect the tubercle of the upper lip to the palatine papilla.

The application of diode and Er: A frenum is a mucous membrane fold which contains muscle and connective tissue fibres that attach the lip and the cheek to the alveolar mucosa, the gingiva and the underlying periosteum [ 2 ]. Regarding the location of the upper labial frenulum insertion, insertion into the attached. Upper-lip laser frenectomy without infiltrated anaesthesia in a paediatric patient: Although this study is important for epidemiological data to be achieved and especially.


This not only allows healing and tissue maturation, but it also permits the surgeon to use orthodontic appliances as a means of retaining a periodontal dressing. Introduction Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the purpose of achieving perfect smile.

Reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery mucogingival surgery. Frenectomia labial superior em paciente portador de.

Demographic ethnicity, age and gender and clinical variables morphologic aspects and. The area was covered with a periodontal pack. An electrocautery unit with the loop electrode and a haemostat. The classification includes simple frenulum, simple frenulum with nodule and simple. Z-plasty technique, applied in case of hypertrophy of the upper labial frenum. An Informed Consent Form was delivered. Shabana Anjum for her assistance in the clinical work.

Bifid frenulum; frenulum with recession; double.

Dent Update ; 41 5: Color Atlas of Periodontal Surgery. In most cases, labial frenulum insertion is found in the attached gingiva. Therefore, the literature recommends caution in performing surgical procedures such as. Knox and Young histologically studied the frenulum, and they have reported both elastic and muscle fibres Orbicularis oris — horizontal bands and oblique fibres.

In the database, a variable identified the child. Though the approaches to the problem of not using the traditional scalpel, like electro surgery and lasers have merits, further improvements can still be attempted. Incision given at both ends of the frenum to obtain 2 triangular flaps. J Periodontal ; 77 Dental Clinics of North America.


Labia case report of maxillary frenectomy using a carbon dioxide laser in a pediatric patient.

Frenectomy: A Review with the Reports of Surgical Techniques

However, Henry, Levin and Tsaknis have found considerably dense collagenous tissue and elastic fibres but no muscle fibres in the frenulum [ 2 ]. RFO Passo Fundo ; 17 The pack and the sutures were removed 1 week post-operatively. The frenectomy and the free mucosal graft.

Regenerative and reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery. Frenectomy is the complete removal of the frenum, including its attachment to the underlying bone, while frenotomy is the incision and the relocation of the frenal attachment [ 3 ].

Description of the Upper Labial Frenulum Characteristics in Prescho

The criteria used to evaluate labial. A clinical approach of ankyloglossia in babies: An overview of frenal attachments. The present article is a compilation of a brief overview about the frenum, with a focus on the indications, contraindications, advantages and frenetomia disadvantages of various frenectomy techniques, like Miller’s technique, V-Y plasty, Z-plasty and frenectomy by using electrocautery.