L. 94– as the “Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of ”, see section 1 of The time of enactment of this Act, referred to in text, probably means the time of. [NOT AN OFFICIAL TEXT]. UNITED STATES: FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITIES ACT OF [October 21, ]. 90 STAT. Public Law For convenience, the provisions of the FSIA will be referred to by their respective. U.S. Code section numbers. 4 See infra notes and accompanying text.

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Section b 3 requires translation of the summons and complaint and letters rogatory where applicable. The latter section specifically addresses the scope of its application, and it specifies that the fsiaa “foreign state” is used in the FSIA as it is defined in section a “except as used in section of this title” which concerns service of process. The issue for the Court is whether, in the light of the Fsiz text, this result can be accomplished through judicial interpretation or instead requires an amendment of the statute.

The district court denied the plaintiffs’ motion to remand the case to the state courts, and it dismissed the case on forum non conveniens grounds. Citizenship and DNA Testing.

Dole apparently means that federal jurisdiction exists under the FSIA if the corporation is privatized after the suit is brought. Csia addition, courts generally relied on suggestions of immunity filed fsai the U. No one offered the textual rebuttal that section a ‘s definition of “foreign state” purports by its terms to apply the whole of the FSIA “except.

Fsoa and Slovak Treaty. Patrickson appear technical, they are not without practical significance, and one of them raises profound questions about the nature of foreign sovereign immunity. It concluded that, under section bthe companies would qualify as foreign state instrumentalities only if Israel directly owned a majority of their shares. When the Israeli companies filed a petition for certiorari, the Court invited the United States to present its views.


Service must be performed in a hierarchical manner if service cannot be made in accordance with a 1then service is attempted pursuant to a 2 and so forth until the various methods are exhausted. The Act creates a form of long-arm statute establishing jurisdiction over claims that meet the criteria. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act”. The Court relied on the use of the present tense in section bwhich defines a foreign state instrumentality as a corporation “a majority of whose shares is owned by a foreign state.

New Supreme Court Term Includes Issues of Foreign Sovereign Immunity

Immunity deprived private fsla that dealt with a state of their judicial remedies, and gave states an unfair advantage in competition with private commercial enterprise. Section relates to service of process, time to answer, and default.

The second is whether a corporation that was owned by a foreign state at the time of the events giving rise to the suit, but not at the time suit was brought, qualifies as teext foreign state fsiz. Section a 3 and 4 require translation of the summons, complaint and notice of suit.

This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat Translations of all of the above Set 2: On the other hand, there is an additional textual obstacle to reading the term “foreign state” in section b as something other than the term “foreign state” as defined in section a.

Letter Rogatory bearing seal of court and signature of judge.

However, the Supreme Court in decided that the Act does not extend immunity to a government official acting on behalf of a state. Information for Lawyers and Judges. The Act prescribes the means of service for suits against a foreign state or agency and instrumentality in Section. Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann, F. In the view of the Ninth Circuit, the fact that section is written fsix the present tense indicates that the FSIA confers federal jurisdiction if the defendant is a foreign state at the time the lawsuit is brought.


This is confirmed by section of the Act, which establishes that a foreign state’s liability turns on the absence of an entitlement to sovereign immunity under section of the Act.

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act – Wikipedia

Skip to main content. Retrieved from ” https: No notice of suit is required; B by any form of mail requiring fsua signed receipt to be addressed to the agency or instrumentality to fsai served. Can’t I just serve the foreign embassy or mission to the United Nations? The FSIA makes no provision for fsja of process through diplomatic channels where there are no diplomatic relations between the United States and the foreign state.

The applicability of an exception to immunity is a matter of subject-matter jurisdictionmeaning if there is no exception to immunity, a court cannot hear the claim and must dismiss the suit. In international lawgovernment protection against lawsuits in foreign courts is known as state immunity ; government immunity in domestic courts is known as sovereign immunity.

Passports International Travel U.

In any event, the argument would now appear to be unavailable. Notarial and Authentication Services of U. If in doubt, a claimant may wish to serve the defendant according to both sets of provisions.

If service is attempted pursuant to Section a 2by applicable international convention, and service is denied by a foreign central authority for the convention, a copy of the denial should be furnished. The International and Comparative Law Quarterly. Nationality Abroad Acquisition of U. Photocopies of all of the above Summons, Complaint, Notice of Suit, and translations of each.

Justices Breyer and O’Connor etxt on this point.