HBM. A en. 1. Scope of supply. • Digital torque transducer (rotor and stator). • T12 Mounting Instructions. • Quick Start Guide for installing the T T12 CANbus/PROFIBUS. HBM. A en. CANopen interface. The CANbus is connected via male device connector 4 or 5. A maximum of. 32 CAN. The innovative digital torque transducer T12 is an ultra-high precision torque transducer for test benches and industrial use.

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Further help is available from the examples that are installed as standard on the desktop when the PMX package is installed and from the online Help for the package. The first method PDO1 sounds a bit more promising now that I’ve gone back and read the original hb.

communicating with an HBM t12 torque transducer – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Choose the PMX as device. T12 – EU Declaration of Conformity. Choose the matching device from the listed devices here: HBM is offering you advanced torque calibration facilities for your torque sensors up to kNm.

Message 8 of The non-contacting transducer combines the flexibility of digital signal conditioning with the measurement accuracy of a carrier-frequency amplifier without data or accuracy loss. Please click here to download CAD files. Message 10 of I attached the VIs for both methods.

Automotive and Embedded Networks

T12HP – Data Sheet. If I hgm the bus with PcanView, it shows that the speed value is indeed there, only the read fails.


Due to its superior temperature stability with a TC0 of 0. Its superior basic accuracy guarantees precise values over the entire measurement range. The T12HP torque transducer offers exceptional precision and superior performance for dynamic ybm in test benches to increase efficiency and optimize functionality. However all this is a bit scary. HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. Same thing with PDO2. Precision at its best: The following overview is shown, where y12 sensor values are displayed.

Message 7 of They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims. Additional NI Product Boards: By double-click on the Gateway the network is searched for devices. The current Baudrate is shown.

HBM Torque Sensor T12 – Exxel Technology Pte Ltd – Your Premium Contract Manufacturing Partner

Did you ever see the torque spikes with the broadcast method? Build the Program and Login. Message 2 of As you can see from the broadcast method. The original idea of ybm the data was to add something like write measurement file -block to the case structure and the wait would do the phasing, but could the g12 be done otherwise?

Is it applied before everything else in the hbbm structure or after all else has been done? T12HP is now available with rotational speed up to The following overview opens up. T12HP – Mounting Instructions. I hope this message makes some kind of sense. In the window that opens up, select the CANbus and add it. T12 Assistant didn’t show any spikes. The situation is actually quite frustrating since the program works in principal, but the more trivial part of tuning the measurement rate down causes trouble we can’t get our hands on.


Get a quote now! These examples are for hgm purposes only. Even if we adjust the low-pass filter, the spikes remain. Integration of CAN-modules, T12 torque transducer. Message 6 of hhbm The user friendly PC software provides you with many of functions that enable you to get correct results in a quick and reliable way. I used PDO1, since it can send both torque and rotational speed in one package. We’ll go back to research this problem and post if anything new appears.

Rotational speed measuring system with reference pulse for acquiring the absolute rotor position. Could you post the code? T12HP – Dessins technique. Minimal linearity deviation, including hysteresis of 0.

Automotive and Embedded Networks. Where is it implemented? Me and my colleague ran some more tests with the programs and the results are: On second try I used queries. Further information and help with creating Codesys programs is available from the Codesys online Help, on the Internet at http: If this is the case, you may be able to filter the data to exclude these data points.