Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. The case study is about the process of team working and processes to be followed to understand your peers and constructively work with them. Case Questions: Henry Tam and the MGI Team 1. a) What is your evaluation of the MGI s team processes? b) What were the root causes of the problems?.

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Henry should now grasp the reins and focus the group on the looming contest deadline. There were still disagreements between Sasha, Henry and Dana. Roman disagrees and states that the education market is small compared to the music industry. A team leaders effectiveness will show results regarding group cohesion and team output.

This would be an individual who would ensure:. Alex can assist with Igor and Tdam with the creative. I felt I had to handle them at kgi same time that I had this pivotal role in producing the business plan twam This aggressive behavior lead Alex, to not speak up for the the lack of interest in the aggressive meetings that occurred.

With this being said, role clarification was very poor and team members did not apply their skills as well as they could have with direction. Sasha was someone that the team would have to work as a challenge in the storming stage pg.

This would be an individual who would ensure: Then, Henry will propose an alternative that Henry and Dana really want. Before the first meeting, on paper, the MGI team looked both good and bad in different aspects. The technical differences that the MGI team has are the best asset to the team. Once again, the team engaged a strength aspect of empathizing, supporting, and harmonizing among the team.


Roman believes Dana takes a very broad view of things, hebry Sasha also views Dana this way, and that Dana believes Sasha simply as a salesperson.

The HR Guy: Henry Tam and the MGI Team

Email required Address never made cqse. Team members have failed to established clear goal to others. It may be presumed that for the most part, people would rather work individually because it is less complex when there is no need to compromise. The differences among the team members on the MGI team are both an asset and a liability. The MGI team had great qualifications to be tbe effective team. It seemed like we were getting buy-in from everyone except Sasha.

Having a team created from many different schools of thought can be an advantage when finding innovative ideas.

This close knit group of friends can cause issues in the workplace, but with the founders being close friends they all approached their business with the same level of seriousness and dedication. Henry is an MBA candidate with professional experience in the investment field; Dana is also an MBA candidate with professional experience in the banking; Dav who joins the team later is an MIT graduate student with experience in software development and music.

The heterogeneous nature of the group was an area of possible conflict. Tm leader could also have created project deadlines to make sure that the team met the contest deadlines. My recommendation would be to bring in some one from the outside who has industry expertise. If you need this or any mg sample, we can send it to you via email. Roman and Igor were considered to be very creative and thus performed the creative duties of the product development phase.

Establish a clear team leader with the capacity to influence team members that will develop credibility within the team. Sasha should try to accommodate his needs henrry group meetings and group activity. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Group members tend to act and behave differently as they come from different cultures.


It is a formal rather than informal group as it was created to benry work rather than for a social purpose. The root of the problem is that the company culture is not adaptive. Alex views Sasha as aggressive and strong-willed. For Henry the leader was that person who at the thhe had the most energy to give to an issue. He stated that when she deals with musicians, she has to understand that their styles are very relaxed.

Creating the environment of understanding and bringing each other into harmony will make the team members more energetic and comfortable in their work. Ideally, I would look for someone between a blue and red, using the Insights Discovery Profile schematic. The MGI team may become more concerned with efficiency, making ill-informed decisions. Service Writing from scratch Rewriting Editing. How about receiving a customized one? Henry may have not been the best leader out of everyone but heenry needed take on that role and facilitate progress.

Stuck in the formative stages of group development, it has yet to mature into an ,gi team. The most obvious possibility of bad group cohesion is the fault lines that could be created between the founders and the HBS students.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team

In the norming stage, the group usually starts to work together, conflict is reduced, and team confidence increases. While Dav, commented that the program needed technological help, the design of the software game was excellent. From a management and leadership perspective Alex believes MGI lacks organization.