THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, “The Decapitated Chicken” (“La gallina degollada”) was first published on I am FUCKING PROUD of this essay, in which I compared the gruesome short story La gallina degollada, or The Decapitated Chicken, to the tortured life and. Buy La gallina degollada (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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In their dirty and disheveled appearance the absolute lack of maternal care could easily be noticed. It’s not surprising then, that he would choose to write on the subject of death.

They came alive only to degolladda or when they saw brilliant colors or heard the clap of thunder. In the first, a nine-year-old girl falls in love with an older man. Bertita has come through her illness unscathed.

Horacio Quiroga is a genius.: miraclegrove

After a few days the paralyzed limbs of the child recovered their movement; but the intelligence, the soul, even instinct itself had left him entirely. Juan Darien a story of a tiger boy. Kind of obscene and weird. This is a collection of short stories all focused around death, and most of the characters die unexpectedly, suiroga very freakish ways.

They were genuinely creepy and felt current as anything else out there.

Nor does the fact that Berta coughs up blood portend a happy ending. Post a new comment. The mere thought of them horrified her, as if they had been some atrocious act she had been forced to perform.

Before, they had shared a mutual fault for their ill begotten kin; now that success had arrived, each one attributed the success to themselves and felt with more certainty the infamy ga,lina having their four idiot sons forced upon them by the other. He also experimented with many degollaxa considered taboo in the society of the early twentieth century.


Berta, who had run upon hearing the anguished cry of Mazzini responded with a scream of her own.

The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, |

With this prevailing attitude, there was quiriga possible cure for the four idiot sons. Gallija respect to the mother, there is a eegollada that cannot breathe well. Especially in his stories, Quiroga describes the tragedy that haunts the miserable rural workers in the region, the dangers and sufferings to which they are exposed, and how this existential pain is perpetuated to succeeding generations. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Her brothers seize her, carry her off into the kitchen, “parting her curls as if they were feathers.

The first representative collection of his work in English, The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories provides a valuable overview of the scope of Quiroga’s fiction and the versatility and skill that have made him a classic Latin American writer.

At the age of agllina months, though, the child is overtaken by illness and is damaged to the point of imbecility. After the retardation of the second son: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In his first book, Coral Reefsconsisting of 18 poems, 30 pages of poetic prose, and four stories, Quiroga shows his immaturity and adolescent confusion.

Horacio Quiroga is a genius.

The Exiles and Other Stories. Their four sons all sicken and are reduced to a state of idiocy because of congenital disease.

By now they have shifted from “great compassion for their four sons” to overt hostility, demonstrated by the increasingly strong language used to describe the boys—”monsters,” “four poor beasts”—and the fact that they are kept in the yard. Even through all of this, peace had not yet reached their hearts.


Jo rated it liked it Jul 17, For example, if you want creepy short stories, just read Poe. galliha

While the Decalogue touts economic and precise style, using few adjectives, natural and simple wording, and clarity of expression, in many of his own stories Quiroga did not follow his own precepts, using ornate language, with plenty of adjectives and at times ostentatious vocabulary.

Cindy Lou rated it liked it May 28, As the sun set and began to hide itself behind the wall, the idiots rejoiced.

As in degollaca majority of Quiroga’s works, he presents his story in a manner that is impartial and apathetic towards the characters. Yet she was captive. They spent the whole day sitting in the patio, void of any motherly love.

Disaster is inevitable; all that remains to be revealed is the unfolding of the tragedy.

la gallina degollada and horacio quiroga

degollzda In such lugubrious surroundings, the stability of the marriage slowly dissolves and the tragedy of death begins. Bertita turned four years old and that night, as a result of the sweets that her parents were incapable of denying her, their young child came down with a chill and a fever. They pulled from oblivion their deepest animal instincts, not from their souls, more as instinct itself now abandoned.