Isn’t it amazing that a simple method of sun-gazing (during safe hours) can restore Hira Ratan Manek or HRM continues to live only on sun energy and water. We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by Nature, which is our brain . HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is. According to India’s Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) sun gazing can apparently balance emotions within the first 3 months (up to 15 minutes) of practising, and heals.

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With safe sungazing the neurons increase in number and become healthier, and that takes care of human health.

Now it has become an important gland for study and up to now, about 18, papers have been published about it. The ancients considered the sun vital for elevated vibrations, where joyful states of being or spiritual advancements would naturally occur, thus also aiding physical transformation and healing too.

All the glands have a lot of functions and can perform at optimal level via sun energy. The brain becomes more powerful or energetic only through safe sungazing. Through secretion of melatonin, it also regulates the circadian rhythm, sleep gaazing cycle and it also slows down aging process.

The Ancient Technique of Sun Gazing

This is the first phase of the method and lasts around 3 months. Everyone has at least a bit of psychosis, but during the first few months of sun gazing practice, it is reported that these attitudes go away and a positive nature gracefully replaces the old persona full of fears.

Few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in days will be enough from then on. This is how color therapies work —Reiki and Pranic Healing. From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel via the pineal nerve Sympathetic nervous system to the pineal gland. Kidney red, Heart yellow, Liver green etc. A person can continue his present life style, simply add sungazing, and practice it whenever possible. Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time?


All of the organs and all of the systems are said to respond to different colors of the rainbow, which is why it is also recommended to eat a diet rich in a variety of colors. For example, in liver disease, the color green is deficient. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent research has found out that the eye has many functions other than vision.

Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body, which is a must for its existence. The remaining four toes represent glands too — pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala. Suffice it to say that in this gland, energy processing and distribution can take place. Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin.

NASA confirmed that he was indeed able to survive largely on light with occasionally a small amount of buttermilk or water during this time. Become a Member of the Solar Healing Club. Now it has become a fusion of the ancient spiritual practice as well as a modern scientific practice. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level.

Second, you must be barefoot, in contact with the actual earth — sand, dirt or mud; and finally, you must begin with only 10 seconds the first day, increasing by 10 second intervals each day you practice. If you are positive or fearless, you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody.

The sun energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye are charging the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway behind the retina leading to the human brain. Professional sun gazers and those researching the science say that each toe is connected to a specific gland, and by walking barefoot on the Earth, you activate these glands.

If you pray, you can have any prayer of your choice.

Accordingly, in the Imperial Medical College in London decreed that solar rays were the ideal food for humans. In an article meghod Sun Gazing, Carolanne Wright writes: Sun gazing is simply that; gaze directly into the sun as it moves over the horizon either within the first hour of the sun rising above the horizon, or within the last hour before the sun sets.


After graduation, he joined the family shipping and spice trading business and continued working there until he retired in Sleep disturbances are healed. The brain has countless neurons and these are important for the efficiency of the brain. It has become a popular practice, rediscovered through the work of people such as Hira Ratan Manek HRMa sun gazer who has spread the word with his talks around the world.

Another benefit early on is said to be an increase in confidence and an ability to easily solve your problems, as you are without tension. When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at the sun, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through the eye.

The simple key to health is to see that we have not only more neurons, but also totally healthy neurons. For 6 days straight, one is to walk barefoot on the earth, 45 minutes per day.

This action will facilitate the process of returning to wholeness. The HRM method of safe sungazing can be practiced by anyone. Then build up in 10 second increments per day thereafter i.

NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing | An Enlightened Perspective

When safe sungazing is added with sun warming of the body, drinking sun charged water and walking barefoot on the bare earth, one easily gets cost-free health and the presence of a master or a guru is not required. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Sungazing also has the added advantage of getting vitamin A and D during the 1-hour safe period window. Anyone can follow the HRM sungazing method as described below. The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory power and mental strength by sum sunlight.