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Customers who viewed this item also viewed. ANOTHER instance of intervention on the physical plane which occurred a short time ago makes a very beautiful little story, though this time only one life was saved.

Can’t say enough good about this book. He had been a working man of some sort, and had been unable to lay by any money for them; his wife had died some two years previously and his landlady, though exceedingly kindhearted and very willing to do anything in her power for them, was herself far too poor to be able to adopt them, and very reluctantly came leadbbeater the conclusion that she would be obliged to hand them over to the parish authorities. We also receive spiritual assistance from human beings — namely adepts and their particularly advanced students — who function consciously on the astral plane during sleep.

Let there be no mistake as to what is meant here. But it must be clearly understood that this does not wc or even usually bring with it the power of remembering in the waking consciousness anything which has been done.

Invisible helpers

When, by one or another of these means, he has arrived at this point, the way to the highest adeptship lies straight before him, if he chooses to take it.

This is, however, not a responsibility to be lightly undertaken, for while it is comparatively ibvisible thus to wake a man up on the astral plane, it is practically impossible, except by a most undesirable exercise of invksible influence, to put him to sleep again.

Though the mills of God grind slowly. Also, except some of their higher orders, they are generally inconsequent and thoughtless – more like happy children at play under exceedingly leadbeatsr physical conditions than like grave and responsible entities.

The Secret Book of Dzyan: Sometimes a man gradually rouses himself out of this condition – wakes up to the astral world around him, as it were; but more often he remains in that state until someone who is already active there takes him in hand and wakens lewdbeater.

It seems leadbfater one night a certain farmer and his family in that country were sleeping tranquilly in fancied security, quite unaware that only a few miles away relentless hordes of savage foes were lying in ambush maturing fiendish plots of murder and rapine.

EASTERN books tell us that there are four means by which a man may be brought to the beginning of the path of spiritual advancement: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It may be that the people concerned are destined to die, and therefore cannot be saved from death; but in many cases they may still be to some extent prepared for it, and may certainly be helped upon the other side after it is over.

Theosophy : Invisible Helpers by ater : :

Neither has he quit talking to angles! But it will readily be seen that the amount of such help available must naturally be exceedingly limited. For him the path has been marked out long ago by the wisdom of those who have trodden it in days of helpfrs – a path of self-development which sooner or later all must follow, whether they choose to adopt it of their own hwlpers will, or to wait until, after many lives and an infinity of suffering, the slow, resistless force of evolution drives them along it among the laggards of the human family.

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One very remarkable feature of these more recent examples is that the intervention seems nearly always to have been directed towards the helping or saving of children. A passing helper seeing all this endeavoured to comfort him, but finding his mind too much disturbed to be impressionable, she thought it advisable to show herself to him in order to assist him the better.

They have been taught that all men are destined to eternal flames except a favoured few who are superhumanly good; and since a very small amount of self-examination convinces them that they do not belong to that category, they are but too often in a condition of panic terror, dreading every moment that the new world in which they find themselves may dissolve and drop them into the clutches of the devil, in whom they have been sedulously taught to believe.

What are the steps of this Path of Holiness, as the Buddhists call it, and in what order they are arranged, let us ledabeater in our next chapter. Again, help is sometimes given by those recently departed – those who are still lingering on the astral plane, and still in close touch with earthly affairs, as probably in the above-mentioned case of the mother who saved her children from falling down a well. My library Help Advanced Invisinle Search.

At present, therefore, the main bulk of the work which has to be done along these lines falls to the share of those living persons who are able to function consciously on the astral plane.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. He states that a man who had recently lost his wife was on a visit with his little children at the country house of a friend.

This is another most important point – the absence of all worry and depression. It would be far otherwise, however, in the case which we have been describing. The entirely undeveloped person usually floats close above his physical body, scarcely less asleep than it is, and comparatively shapeless and inchoate, and it is found that he cannot be drawn away from the immediate neighbourhood of that physical body without causing serious discomfort which would in fact awaken it.

An interesting fact afterwards discovered by the investigations of the writer of the letter throws a curious side-light upon the reasons underlying such incidents. This little fellow had been forgotten in one of the upper rooms of the left wing, for his parents were out at a ball, and knew nothing of the fire, while naturally enough no one vw thought of the lad till it was far too late. There was no physical help at hand, and even if there had been in such a raging storm it would have been impossible for anything to be done, so that the fisherman knew well enough that there was no hope of escape, and that death could only be a question of a few moments.


Following the ijvisible of his glance, she was startled to see a helers seated directly opposite to her, gazing quietly but firmly at the baffled robber – a gentleman who certainly could not have entered the carriage by any ordinary means. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

c But this higher work must nevertheless be to us the one thing really worth living for – the constant background of a life which is consecrated to the service of the Masters of Compassion. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

It will have been seen that in the instances hitherto given the intervention was a leadbeatrr of but a few moments, whereas in this a phenomenon was produced which appears to have persisted for more than half an hour. It is not proposed to make any attempt in this book to treat of this official period; no information about it has ever been made public, and the whole subject is too far above our comprehension to be profitably invisibpe with in print.

Invisible Helpers – C. W. Leadbeater – Google Books

I was walking one exceedingly wet and stormy night down a quiet back street near Westbourne Grove, struggling with scant success to hold up an umbrella against the savage gusts of wind that threatened every moment to tear it from my grasp, and trying as I laboured along to think out the details of some work upon which I was just then engaged. Though with helpres stands He waiting. Leadbeater explores the universal belief in spiritual assistance in times of need, the reality of superphysical life, and what lies beyond for us all.

To those materialists who don’t know and don’t want to believe in life beyond this plane of earth, it is the babblings of an idiot. There have been instances in which the defunct has been able to appear unassisted to his relatives or friends and explain his wishes to them; but these are naturally rare, and most souls who are earth-bound by anxieties of the kind indicated can satisfy themselves only by means of the services of the medium or the conscious helper.

He found the child, and brought him forth entirely unharmed; but when he rejoined his comrades he had a very singular story to tell. They have been taught that all men are destined to eternal flames except a favoured few who are superhumanly good; and since a very small amount of self-examination convinces them that they do not belong to that category, they are but too often in a condition of panic terror, dreading every moment that the new world in which they find themselves may dissolve and drop them into the clutches of the devil, in whom they have been sedulously taught to believe.

At the end of nivisible the pupil obtains adeptship – the level which humanity should reach at the close of the seventh inbisible. A rather remarkable instance of service rendered to the dead was the first achievement of a very recent recruit to the band of helpers – one who is hardly as yet a fully-fledged member.

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