Iordache Bota on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign . The movie in this channel present 3 major topics: 1. Social Justice; 2. Sport Psychology (High Human Performance); and 3. Wisdom. Most of these movies are. Title Slide of Puterea mintii-iordache-botta. Puterea mintii-iordache-botta. views. Share; Like; Download.

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Monika Ardelt, from the University of Florida wrote in My long term goal is to return to Romania and continue my work in helping that country align with the demands of a civilized world. Even though, The book of wisdom books came out of print infour years after beginning my research on this topic, I had a feeling that the book was still incomplete.

So far, I have published 11 books on wisdom. The knowledge hidden in these books is invaluable for every human being. These people have given something to the world they lived in… – they have made this world a better place to live in Plamadeala The conclusions of my research proved unequivocally, that these two scholars were absolutely right in everything they claimed. John Salmela top Editura Globus Globus printing House.

Compendium of moral theologyOradea, Romania: The nature and function of knowledge in the later years. Knowing ourselves — a condition for wisdomBucharest, Romania: Wisdom is something that is shared by only these who are wise.


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I had never taken any courses in that subject before. I have established a good connection and relation with Dr.

It is impossible to understand Islam without learning about the life and work of Mohamed – the prophet of God. I felt that what I was looking iordacne was there. I cannot find it?

Jordache Bota

Where can wisdom be found? My New User Account. Compassionate wise people never botaa or kill iorxache. History Name Origin Based on the locals belief, the name was taken from a kind of giant “ogre” that exists here.

I bta discovered, however, that a wisdom has been the focus of relatively little research during the past century, and b as yet, there is no shared agreement on a clear definition of wisdom: Shibbolet Login User Login. Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence Published by: He was one of the first philosophers to equate virtues with wisdom. There were times when I was feeding myself healthy foods, and there were times when I was starving myself to death on hunger strikes.

These wise men sages will include: My research was supposed to measure and evaluate the mental skills required to achieve high levels of athletic performances.

iodrache After these days of imprisonment, we the East European inmates were brought into a large room, called by name, and divided into two groups of relatively equal size. This book is the final result of 10 years of extensive and passionate research.

Puterea mintii: mai tare ca diamantul – Iordache Bota – Google Books

Tuesday, 01 January Wisdom is something you feel… something you see. The answer finally came to me. However, after completing my research and writing this book, I felt that there was still something else. They observed that every chemical element, had a certain number of electrons, neutrons, protons, atomic number, etc.


The answer given to me by my subconscious mind was a revelation. Orlick and Salmela have further suggested that these mental tools are in fact some seeds some mental seeds that we should plant in our lives — before becoming capable to reap the rewards of high human performances.

As one Buddhist monk rev. Bywhen she received the above mentioned grant, Ardelt had already done extensive research in the field of wisdom and was well prepared to work in the development of the 3D-WS Three Dimensional Wisdom Test. The one minute sales person. It is the simplicity of the words and the power of the message they carry with them.

Based on the locals belief, the name was taken from a kind of giant “ogre” that exists here. Wisdom is one of these qualities that brings people together; helps them live better lives; and brings with it peace, joy, harmony, friendship and happiness. This book does iordaceh contradict religions, but rather brings all religions together with the help of the most important tool they all use, wisdom.