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BS ISO Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality. standard by British Standard / International. This part of ISO specifies a method for testing the perceptual quality of graphical symbols, to verify that the elements that constitute a graphical symbol are. Purchase your copy of BS ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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Rubber and plastic industries Packaging and distribution of goods For this purpose, the committee once more benefited from the direct help of professionals involved in this area, as well as safety sign experts.

Its coordination role helps ensure good design and avoid unnecessary proliferation and duplication.

Domestic and commercial equipment. It has been a particularly challenging task to create is designs supported by a comprehensive information package for places at risk. Audio and video engineering Safety at the beach In recent isoo, subcommittee SC 2 has been working closely with industry partners, such as lifesaving organizations, in the water safety area.

The international standard ISO Over potential symbols have already been identified for future consideration in such areas as sports, tourism, commerce and transport.


Similar to the comprehensibility judgement test, there are threshold values given, to determine which variants may be accepted as a standardized graphical symbol.

Considerable advantages were gained from testing sign designs using the procedures of ISO Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. For a long time, differences have exist- ed in the flags used on beaches around the world, a dangerous problem identified by the World Tourism Organization.

Company organization, management and quality.

ISO/FDIS Procedures for the development and testing of graphical symbols – InfoVis:Wiki

The universal language of good, standardized graphical symbols is therefore a strong potential boon for citizens everywhere. A joint working group between the two organizations has been created for this purpose.

Mining and minerals This page was last edited This ideal is not always possible and guidance is given as to when and how to use supplementary text to assist with understanding, or to give further information. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The method for selecting the most comprehensible variants out of big range of graphical symbols. A total of 84 variants for the 33 referents were tested on respondents.

ISO 9186-2:2008

He is an honorary fellow of the University of Brighton. They are there to inform and guide, sometimes to warn, but always constituting an aid for us, as we go about our daily business. The results provided the pre-selection for next testing phase comprehension test in impaired visibility conditions. It covers the main requirements for images displayed in airports and other public areas, but it was also produced with the expectation that the graphical symbols would be used on maps and guides.


Test data, when available, helps to guide these decisions. Fluid systems and components for general use As well as a standard on performance and durability ISO Latest News of the Blog. Some will be familiar to all of us, for example, the windscreen or windshield isp symbol in our cars, but most are restricted to very specific applications. Graphical symbols iiso to be displayed on variable message signs have been evaluated applying 916-2 ISO standard.

Health care 99186-2 The issue of ISO published in was the final paper based version.