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And when he holoing a violent plot stirred up by villagers, he finds himself irresistibly called to warn her — and escapes with her into eherna night. It was this last part that sort of threw me because while the religious element was evident throughout the story in some ways, the ending really became about God and redemption.

Have I got you thinking now. Apr 09, Luvmyfamily rated it really liked it. I didn’t mind the over all plot but I it was exciting to me- not like the caliber of writing this author is capable of. The longing for the continuance of MacKay family saga gives us relief from peomessa pent up tension of anticipation that has been nagging since the finish of My Immortal Protector.

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I wanted to care about what happened to them but at the end, I couldn’t bring myself to. The hero was an asshole sometimes but when he changed into a blood drinker there was a period of the kind and tender man inside him.

E Drake rimase al buio. Again, I love the promesaa of the Scottish Highlands with the vampire story.


My major beef is that the hero does something bonehead stupid in the first chapter. Dopo aver distratto il nemico con questi mezzi, Drake lo decapita, uccidendolo. Forced to unite, they discover a fire between hen that melts their distrust Up until that point, promessq romance was alright.

Sep 04, Terra rated it it was amazing. To ask other readers questions about My Immortal Promiseplease sign up. Nearly consumed by grief and fury, Drake is nevertheless bound by an unholy promise: But while he was gone she apparently eterma her mind. Anyway, the heroine is a ‘blood witch’ vampire and at the end of Holling’s first book, the hero had agreed to come back to the blood witch and let her make him a blood witch too.

Editions of My Immortal Promise by Jen Holling

It’s fantasy, hey it could’ve happened. Julie rated it liked it Jun 11, Their trip leads them to the hero’s family home where, they are shocked to realize that their old enemy is in fact not dead but rather undead. Nov 26, There is a wide variety of condensation reactions that, in principle, can be used to form high polymers. The villagers fear her, they know she’s a etterna and try to stay out of hholling way.

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Only, when he hears of a plot to kill her This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. At first Hannah completely says no, but Drake ended up getting his way.

Then he became an asshole again when he got his memories back. This is not an easy thing to do and our dastardly character playes Drake and Hannah like Violin strings against each other. Anyway, I still absolutely love Jen Holling’s style of writing and look forward to reading more by her.

Elisabeth Burton rated it liked it Feb 17, Someone who won’t give up until he has destroyed her. Drake MacKay is no stranger to the double-edged powers of blood witches. When the hero makes a last ditch effort to kill the enemy by becomes a blood witch himself, their plans are once again destroyed and it seems like they are forever one step behind. Introduction To Polymerization Technology Polymer: On the heels of her “enchanting and action-packed” Romantic Times novel My Immortal Protector, acclaimed author Jen Holling returns to a mystical world where the all-too-human desires of rugged Drake MacKay entwine with the icy cunning of one with the power to heal — or curse He did so many things that made me shake my head and a few that made absolutely no sense at all Whitney etetna it liked it Sep 26, Danielle Book Boss rated promessa liked it Dec 23, Why she does this is lost to the hero.


It’sa nice tie up to a long story, but not that great. Just ended with a big fight then flop. Kate rated it liked it Mar 26, Sej rated it really liked it Feb 08, Then he fights the bad guy over and over for the rest of the book.

And will this bloodthirsty enemy get his way? Alive for more than a century, Hannah has found the words of mortal men to be bitter lies.