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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. On the heels of her “enchanting and action-packed” Romantic Times novel My Immortal Protector, acclaimed author Jen Holling returns to a mystical world where the all-too-human desires of rugged Drake MacKay entwine with the icy cunning of one with the power to heal — or curse Drake MacKay is no stranger to the double-edged powers of blood witches.

His own niece Dei On the heels of her “enchanting and action-packed” Romantic Times novel My Immortal Protector, acclaimed author Jen Holling returns to a mystical world where the all-too-human desires of rugged Drake MacKay entwine with the icy cunning of one with the power to heal — or curse His own niece Deidra and his best friend were saved by a baobhan sith: Hannah O’Shea, the same spirit who would not heal Drake’s dying wife.

Nearly consumed by grief and fury, Drake is nevertheless bound by an unholy promise: Returning to Hannah’s remote isle, Drake is stunned to be released from his obligation. And when he overhears a violent plot stirred up by villagers, he finds himself irresistibly called to warn her — and escapes with her into the night. Alive for more than a century, Hannah has found the words of mortal men to be bitter lies.

But there is darkness in their shared past, an evil that threatens Drake’s family. Forced to unite, they discover a fire between them that melts their distrust Paperbackpages.

Published October 28th by Pocket Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Immortal Promiseplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Nov 17, Julie jjmachshev rated it it was ok Shelves: My major beef is that the hero does something bonehead stupid in the first chapter.

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He lets the bad guy get away. Then he fights the bad guy over and over for the rest of the book. So I get that fighting the bad guy is the ‘conflict’ in the etern, but couldn’t the bad guy have gotten away in some other way?

Why did the hero have to be such a bonehead? But really, the more I think about it, the more I didn’t like the hero. He did more boneheaded things. Anyway, the heroine is a ‘blood witch’ vampire and at the end of Holling’s first book, the hero had agreed to come back to the blood witch and let her make him a blood witch too.

But while he was gone she apparently changes her mind. They’re attracted to each other, but don’t want proomessa be for etedna reasons. They must overcome their pasts and beat the bad guy. View all 4 comments. Jun 16, Paranormal Romance rated it liked it Shelves: The hero believes that at last, his revenge mission is complete.


The man whom is responsible for all the torment to the hero’s family is now dead and gone. The hero is full of a sense of relief but that’s quickly shattered by the memory that he has one more debt to pay. He owes the heroine- a blood witch- a life and the hollinh is bound to pay.

So, he travels to the deserted and dark island to present himself as a bargained. Only, upon arrival, he is turned away by the demon. The heroine determines Prpmessa hero believes that at last, his revenge mission is complete.

The heroine determines that he owes her no debt and immediately frees him of any oath given to her. Why she does this is lost to the hero. Perhaps it is as promedsa says, that she tires of living.

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Regardless of the reasons, he is free Only, when he hears of a plot to kill her The heroine is unnerved by the unpredictability of this man. He hates her and rightfully so as she turned away his dying wife when it was in her power to save her. There’s eetrna cause for him to behave as if he is yolling her life but this doesn’t stop her from going along with it. She is bored and close to the end of her will to live as she is now- a monster in the eyes of the hero and those around him.

Their trip leads them to the hero’s family home where, they are shocked to realize that their old enemy is in fact not dead but rather undead. The hero, in his pride and thirst for justice determined the evil man should become what he hunted but now, it’s backfired. The enemy is strong and almost impossible to kill.

The hero is sick with guilt over this turn of events and vows to see the man dead once and for all. The heroine accompanies him, believing that the enemy could be killed swiftly. The reality is the man yolling horribly strong off the blood of other blood witches and it’s now the hero and heroine who are the mouse in this game. The hero, torn hooling his bitterness over hollig death of his wife and the desire he feels for the woman he feels is responsible, finds it difficult to stay his emotions.

My Immortal Promise

One moment he is tender, the next he is hurtful in his accusations. The heroine tries to keep a blank expression but inside she is confused. When the hero makes a last ditch effort to kill the enemy by becomes a blood witch himself, their plans are once again destroyed and it seems like they are forever one step behind. The enemy seems all powerful and with the tension between the hero and heroine, it doesn’t look hopefully they will be able to defeat him. I found this book to be a 3 part novel in one.

The first part showed the characters discovering each other and hashing out old wounds and bitterness between them. The second part showed the characters becoming closer while bonding over the hero’s transformation and the common goal of killing the enemy. The third part drifted away from what I would call romance and focused far more on the fight as well as a sudden and potent theme of religion and forgiveness. It was this last part that sort of threw me because while the religious element was evident throughout the story in some ways, the ending really became about God and redemption.

I don’t feel as if the issues between the hero and heroine were solved because of this shift in tone. Up until that point, the romance was alright. It was very lust driven and the hero fought his conflicting emotions for the woman is is both desirable but someone who he should hate.


The heroine’s ability to be a blank canvas when it came to her reactions and emotions, made it hard for him to get a true read on her, However, the hero was very hot and cold and was constantly playing with the heroine’s mind, making love to her on day and fighting with her the next. Their relationship was strained from start to finish and I can’t say I entirely liked it. It had a very cold sort of feel to it. The heroine was a nice character- lost in the darkness within her and searching for a way to redeem herself in the eyes of those she’s wronged as well as her God.

The hero was an asshole sometimes but when he changed into a blood drinker there was a period of the kind and tender man inside him. A man not burdened by pride or thirst for revenge. Then he became an asshole again when he got his memories back.

I didn’t mind the over all plot but I it was exciting to me- not like the caliber of writing this author is capable of. Over all it was a very middle of the scale romance, neither bad or great.

May 30, Charlotte Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is the perfect ending for the 5 book series. All things are tied up naturally and the romance of Drake and Hannah is an exciting read, add vampires and everything is juicy! Etefna recommend this series by Jen Holling as a classical Highland Romance read. Aug 06, Melissa ownsbey rated it it was amazing.

Sep 04, Terra rated it it was amazing. My Immortal Promise by Jen Holling is like coming home after a long journey. The longing for the continuance of MacKay family saga gives us relief from the pent up tension of anticipation that has been nagging since the finish of My Immortal Protector. This fifth book in the hplling holds on to the magic of the witches that took us through the first three books while hol,ing us a different look at the new witches that have evolved.

Drake MacKay is extremely handsome but a bitter man since the death My Immortal Promise by Jen Holling eteran like coming home after a long journey. Drake MacKay is extremely handsome but a bitter man since the death of his lovely wife.

A man who would have given his own life in return for hers, he is now lonely to the point of desperation and longs for a death that will not come. Hannah O’Shea has lived eighty years as a thing of death, a being of the night, a lover of blood, a very strong witch in every way.

A woman that yolling at one time Hell bent on revenge and the dishing out of her own justice, to a lonely creature of habit and self preservation.

How far ones comes etern consumed by hate. Our third character of importance I will not name here for fear of spoiling your surprise. It did indeed surprise me and oh what a great dastardly character we have.

He is righteous, pompous, good but evil, could be handsome eetrna now a monster, should be respected by all but is more feared than the devil himself.