Written by Juggler (Wayne Elise) 91 pages. One of the best dating advice mainly because it teaches you to build. I was chatting with a client today who’s doing well. He’s in a relationship with a great girl who’s ‘out of his league’.:) I asked him where he’s. hey PUA’s out therejust want your opinion on something.I am great fan of both mystery and both have their own method and i have.

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Should we look for IOIs?

Join Date Apr Gender: As you are posting this on theattractionforums. Lets face it who gets the hotter women? Wayne’s style of pickup differs from other early gurus such as Mystery, in that it doesn’t rely on canned material or routines. Please state sources where possible to make our job easier to verify the correctness of the information. He is the owner of Charisma Arts. Juggler is a very wimpy system. MM is designed to pickup models and strippers.

Most audiences are horny to be fucked. Personally Juggler comes across as a clown i have never seen pics of him with hot women have u?

Join Date Mar Gender: You can use the conversational techniques to boost your own popularity and be more socially confident in general. After an entire weekend of meeting and talking with women followed by their own personalized feedback given to me that helped me blow past my sticking points, I was totally on fire! The second part of the book shows you how to apply this stuff in real-world situ How do you stop moving targets in the day time?


ø Wayne Elise aka Juggler Interview ø PUA Pick Up Artist Charisma Arts Seduction Charm School

Hypnotica Eric Von Sy How do you do physical escalation in clubs? I am great fan of both mystery and juggler.

I have performer friends who can explode on stage like samurai and kill five hundred people, but they are afraid to puz a girl in a bar. This is pure natural game and it works very well. What is the most effective way of creating sexual tension? As time went on the little scripted material and techniques that he did advocate were dropped and now the system that he teaches is very elegant and quite simple.

Wayne Elise aka Juggler Interview

But she is also juggled to be fucked. You basically unleashing your own personality through this very simple framework. Juggler is one of the few pick up artists who got married.

Delivery, as jjggler, is key though. If the material interests you, you cannot help but present it in a way that will convince you both. Bottom line, this stuff is solid gold! The Juggler Method Encyclopedia eBook. We are all horny to be fucked. Join Date Feb Gender: He advised AFCs to overcome their shyness by trying to talk a homeless person into giving them a quarter? Well, the interview has finally taken place and we have bundled it into a nice 32 page pdf and mp3 for you to grab!

No method is the golden way to seduce in fact most are fatally flawed so just take a little from each and piece together your own game cos Juggleg can assure you not everyone can pull off Mysterys method. Discover how to bypass that and set up a stream of dates with gorgeous women in as little as jugglfr minutes a week. He slowly withdraw from coaching after Do you guys ever go out thinking right today I’m going to use only MM, Pickup, Juggler method of course not so stop comparing them together.


Originally Posted by curry. It puq created by Angel Donovan. You’ll never run out of things to talk about and you’ll know that the girls actually like you for YOU-not because you puua some pickup lines or went around pretending you’re something you’re not. I didn’t have the honor to work with Juggler himself, but the coaches I worked with were amazing!

If you want average women then maybe u should look at Juggler. A while ago an email was sent out to all subscribers that I will be having an interview with Wayne and allowed you guys to ask any question you like.

He did this through his company Charisma Arts. Best of all, this book doesn’t just teach you how to be great with women, it will help you in just about any other social situation.

Age 48 Posts Richard La Ruina Gamb Age 31 Posts Juggler Method is just about being funny and being good at conversations hardly a method is it! Email has a typo. What kind of conversation do you get into after the opener?

Juggler Quotes There is pride involved in being a pickup artist.

The real choice is choose none, incorporate a pastiche of what is most intriguing, and natural for you.