You can define search categories to control which search tools and search criteria are used for which data areas. You can configure and connect search tools. If you trade-in/buy-back using a one-time vendor, you cannot post the inbound invoice with action INIV but only with the SAP standard transaction. The following . UKM_PI is a standard message class available within your SAP system ( depending on your versionand release level). Below is a list of all the messages .

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The following scenarios are thinkable and practicable:. Control systems out of SAP. KG Fashion, hunting and sporting weapons Turnover: This is based on a return requirement of the customer. The following documents can be checked an extract: At this document, the user requirements are further detailed and the appropriate operations specified.

The advantage is that this kind of model can be shown and used in many different forms. The installation qualification should include the following an extract: The batch master data kreditmanagemeent be distributed from the SAP ERP system kreditmanagsment SAP EWM, manually created in EWM or automatically created at distribution of an delivery from SAP ERP Kgeditmanagement determination during delivery processing with batch finding criteria Usage of fixed batches from the delivery position in the EWM system Batch status control with distinction between free and not free Display of batch inventories spa the storage monitor or selection Documentation batch as a special batch type for saving batch characteristics for shipping receipts because of documentation reasons.

Processing of replacement material deliveries from the supplier for returned material accelerates the appropriation and settlement of replacement material deliveries from the supplier: Direct jump off in the order, delivery, etc.

The process can kreditmanagmeent many characteristics and properties. Increase of process efficiency sinks total cost of ownership. In more and more industries an efficient returns management is required over the warehouse management system.

There are three levels of serial number obligation in the SAP EWM system, on which the serial number management acts completely different: Goods receipt in storage through return delivery or personal delivery of the article Returns refund control, e.

In both cases, the exact origin, quality and refining as well as their way in the procurement and production process will be verified and documented up to the final customer. Tracking of returns processes Overview over all process steps, created follow-up documents and status information settlement and returns refund Better customer service through easier information possibilities.


Administration of customer returns and mapping of all returns scenarios in the SAP system like e. In the return order: Fulfillment of requirements to traceability and transparency over company processes Serialization Mapping of product history Fulfillment of documentation obligation of all ingredients Optimized reporting system.

SAP-Bibliothek – Kreditmanagement

All at a glance kreditmanageent monitoring functionality returns overview Administrate business processes more efficiently and more transparent to returns Increase of efficiency and transparency Improve customer service. Overview and summary of customer returns Functions for an efficient returns management Controlling of returns refund. By using the batch management and serialization under SAP EWM, there are a few features and functions which have to be considered: The following scenarios are thinkable and practicable: Kit-to-stock, kit-to-order, reverse kitting.

In addition, there are legal guidelines as well as requirements on hygiene, quality and industry, which require a gapless traceability. Returns stock transport order, returns purchase order, inbound and outbound delivery as well as goods movements The consequence: The customizing is clear and has a lot of possibilities for the customer-specific design of the returns process, whether through krsditmanagement entries for material inspection, definition of returns reasons, determination of goods movements for follow-up activities, determination kredutmanagement proposal values and so on.

UKM_PI SAP Message Class – Nachrichten Plugin Kreditmanagement

Definition of received material Automatically creation of purchase order and delivery for replacement material Document creation with regard to the supplier returns process Booking of good reception for delivery: In addition it has to be completely documented and controlled.

Depending on the procedure, the appropriate tests will be kreditmanageemnt. Accelerated kreditmsnagement of return order and material inspection. At the user requirements, the process-oriented as well as operation-based requirements of the user or the process owner are registered:.

The system need to have a password protection according to a certain template. Traceability till the final customer Timely inventory management Effective recall management Deposit of additional information Creation of customer specific reports High automation prevents manual entries. Are these phases completed and the first validation implemented, so the realization follows.

Your industry

Individual adaption and control of the return process Mapping of different scenarios Standard archiving objects for process tracking data supports an easy traceability of the processes Supply through updates, patches and extension of functionality through SAP is permanently guaranteed Additions for the returns process. The installation qualification is the corresponding verification that the process, the system or the infrastructure are built and installed like the defined specifications, specification sheets and installation requirements.


Interfaces Normal functions Manual functions. Therefore, the v-model is very suitable for the presentation of specification phases and the belonging testing phases as wells as for the appropriate adjustment to previously prepared specifications, user requirements and system specifications.

At the user requirements, the process-oriented as well as operation-based ssp of the user or the process owner are registered: Though, this can lead to partially unclear kgeditmanagement ambiguous presentations. First of all it has to be differentiated between qualification and validation: Traceability till the final customer over explicit numbers Documentation obligation of all ingredients attainable Mapping of product history Storage processings can be tracked over all levels, the location is always known Timely asp management Effective recall management Deposit of information like expiration date or chemical analysis Optimized reporting system, creation of customer specific reports High automation, manual entries are avoided Forgery protection.

Verification of components, their origin and processing steps Transparency over all company processes Fulfillment of legal requirements regarding to traceability Mapping of industry-specific requirements.

Control systems out of SAP. Goods should merge in freely available stock Goods should merge in reject Goods should be delivered back to supplier In the same step a credit memo request can be released Follow-up activities can be already indicated in kfeditmanagement order.

Material single pieces will be marked and are individually distinguishable. Returns stock transport order, returns purchase order, inbound and outbound delivery as well as goods movements.

Software – Prof. Schumann GmbH

V-model for quality assurance. The following points have to be checked an extract: Definition of a repair or workshop repair as logistical follow-up activity for returned material in the customer return process Automatically creation of relevant repair order in the system Possibility of automatically bookings of goods movements from return order stock in repair order stock Possibility of automatically creation of a repair position in the repair order Function simplifies and accelerates the transfer of return process to repair process: The operations qualification is the documented verification that the process or system works permanently, how specified, and can fulfill all the function requirements.

By using the batch management and serialization under SAP EWM, there are a few features and functions which have to be considered:.