The information in the AHEGS comes from the La Trobe’s student information system. If you find any error on the statement, such as a spelling error or missing . ASSIGNMENT DECLARATION FORM. Plagiarism occurs in a situation in which there is a legitimate expectation of original authorship. • in order to obtain. Clarify the criteria for honestly and fairly attributing authorship for research outputs;; Ensure that about authorship; and; Ensure that researchers appropriately affiliate research outputs to La Trobe University. Section 3 – Policy Statement.

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A quick word about using quotes and how to lay them out: If you were sick, or have had computer issues, or had problems understanding the topic, these sorts of general reasons are usually acceptable. Ltrobe me of new comments via email. If anything, La Trobe in particular wants to do everything it can to support you so that you can remain a student and succeed in your studies.

When multiple affiliations exist La Trobe University must be listed first wherever possible.

ASK La Trobe – Current Students

You should ideally statemeent your essays to Turnitin days before the due date to allow it to get back to you with the receipt displaying how much similarity there is. Where a latobe undertaking coursework is the subject of the allegation, the Academic Integrity Policy apply. Submit Here, it may or may not be Turnitin. Make sure you print out a Statement of Authorship ; its link is found on the top right corner of the LMS. The coordinating author will:.

Check with your tutors about how many references to use in essays. Extensions Make the deadline, as best you can, it goes without saying. Email required Address never made public. In terms of the bibliography, the differences authorwhip the two are very slight, just punctuation and where the year goes.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some students find reassurance in being able to do this, but I personally have never had a need for authoorship — once is enough.

Figure them out early and you need never encounter an issue when it comes to handing in assignments. Note, I am not that person either. Do you have loads and loads of references?

Mastering Assessments Part 2: Submitting Assignments

Coordinating authors subject to this policy must record and maintain written documentation of authorship agreements in accordance with these Procedures. Quotes A quick word about using quotes and how to lay them out: Most people only get green dots so if you got anything else and you have been original as best latroeb can, you are laatrobe to seek staff help.

This is far easier than attaching pages and pages of your essay to a copy of your essay unnecessarily. It also seeks to minimise disputes about authorship and to help resolve them if they arise.

April 1, April 8, The DVC R will consider the matter and may determine to proceed under the procedures outlined above or to invoke the relevant Research Misconduct Procedure. You statemennt reference page numbers if you are taking a direct quote or idea.

Authorship of Research Outputs Policy / Document / La Trobe Policy Library

References Explained Harvard and Oxford have very subtle differences. Where the contribution does not meet the criteria for authorship, individuals must be properly acknowledged in the resulting research output s. Unlike previous years, there is an increasing shift toward submitting things exclusively to the dropboxes on the LMS they say Assignment 1: On being orange or red My lecturers in first year talked about the red papers — people in my classes who had whole paragraphs of their assignments copied directly from somewhere else.


Reblogged this on First Year La Trobe. Naturally, after you should finish with o a superscript footnote number or a bracketed reference.

The purpose of this document is to:. Check with your tutors about how many times you are allowed to submit your essay to Turnitin. Are your quotes too long? Tsatement me of new posts via email. La Trobe staff and students who are nominated to manage communication about the research output must maintain documentation for all authors and acknowledged contributors see Part B above.

Hard Copy — Receipt Required!

FAQs for Current Students, La Trobe University

All I can say is, be original, use your own ideas and if you are going to quote, use the double quotes with the source correctly referenced. Everything you need to know about assignments, the library, lectures, tutorials, readings, lectopia, logging on to LMS, textbooks, subject guides, is somewhere to be found in my past posts.

Where the dispute cannot be resolved and it involves co-authors from other institutions, the dispute should be managed by the institution of the author nominated to manage communication about the research output or as agreed by the co-authors. You can provide feedback on this policy to the document author – refer to the Status and Details on the document’s navigation bar.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens.