For the first time in trade paperback: the fifth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. When Branson, Missouri, is hit with a death wave?. Bloody Bones. “When Anita Blake’s boss at Animators, Inc., informs her that she’s expected to raise year-old zombies from a field of jumbled bones just to. Rawhead and Bloody Bones Appeared in Bloody Bones Also Known As Tommy Rawhead Rawhead Status Deceased Species Fey Died in Bloody Bones.

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While the hunters regroup, Granger, now under vampire control, attempts to shoot Larry, and Anita is forced to kill him. They guess that Ellie’s boyfriend has recently been raised as a vampire and turned bliody as well, but Mr.

Glass bottom airborne motorcycles requires nerves beyond my capabilities. How about the fact that LKH feels that a novel is just non-stop action scenes piling one on top of each other until they explode into one big shootout at the end that SOMEHOW solves all the previous mysteries?

Jean-Claude is bonrs that Seraphina has somehow become powerful enough to assert mastery over vampires as formidable as Janos. Anita and Larry meet up with Dorcas Bouvier, who takes them to the mound where Bloody Bones is imprisoned.

Unfortunately, Laurell K Hamilton doesn’t have much taste in the way of clothing and mood You insult me at every turn.

Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton | : Books

Bloody Bones continues the adventures of Anita Blake. Sign In Don’t have an account?

The only thing that tripped me up a bit was that Jason seemed different than in the previous book; this may be because he was out of his mind for most of the previous book, but his character still seemed a bit incongruent between the two plots. The thing was at least ten feet tall. Rather than killing the vampire easily, Anita is forced to struggle and fight her own desire to save Serephina. Anita ends up needing help from Jean Claude and I have to say that I am kind of loving him at this point.


Following their initial meetings with Mr. I was touched when he told Anita in a vulnerable voice “it hurts” when the sun came up. Anita proposes that instead of raising the entire Bouvier graveyard, she raise just enough zombies to confirm the Bouviers’ claim to the land and prevent Stirling from digging up the graveyard and freeing Bloody Bones.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Apparently, Seraphina and Bloody Bones promised Stirling the land in return for Bloody Bones’s freedom, and Stirling had planned on killing Anita once she raised the Bouviers and freed the fey.

Bloody Bones : An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

Although vampires’ interactions with one another are somewhat constrained by the laws of the Vampire Council, conflicts are still possible, and he has negotiated a delicate truce with Seraphina. Bloody Bones from BookRags. I just do not like her as a character; I don’t care whether she survives; I don’t care about her dating life; I don’t care if she ends up as a rug at the end of the book.

We were both unemployed and bored and got hooked into this series.

Overall, this installment had more gory glory in it, which is something I like, bloody does show this is not a book for kiddos, but it really doesn’t tickle a person like me, one who has gotten used to the sicko, and requires more and more to get really excited about. Anyway, as we all know Anita is still dating Richard and Jean Claude. Anita orders the zombies to attack Stirling and Harrison and incapacitates them both.


Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that’ll eat your eyeballs if you’re not paying attention. The word “Browning” is in the book 45 times!! She and Bert agree that although John Burke also has the power to make a good second, his pride is such that it’s best that he not even learn that Anita took a job that he was not strong enough to take on his own.

This book, Bloody Bones, has easily become my favorite in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series for a plethora of reasons: Jean-Claude and Anita, accompanied by Larry and Jason, visit an apparently ruined and abandoned home, cloaked in magical shadow, and meet IvyBruceKissaJanosPallas and Bettina.

After trying unsuccessfully to seduce Anita, Magnus is coy about why the Bouviers refuse to sell their land. Hamilton does finally present us with a monster that doesn’t dress like it just escaped from a Madonna video. If I weren’t trying to follow the series to the turning point in “Narcissus in Chains”, I would probably abandon the series right here.

Rawhead and Bloody Boneswas a fey approximately ten feet tall with a bloody, pulsing head.

And, just like those new parents, she never shuts up about it. Blood Noir Laurell K.

Bloody Bones Summary & Study Guide

After Dorcas bursts into the bedroom and sees Jean-Claude and Jason, she accepts that Anita has not fallen victim to Magnus’s charms and boes why the Bouviers refuse to sell their land. This is the first AB book that I listened to the audio of rather than reading. Ellie does not have a coffin and is sleeping on the floor.