Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Lexmark Z Lexmark Z (using devfs and udev); Lexmark Z (even as a network Follow the instructions for Ubuntu below but get the libstdc++5. Hello I’ve tried to install a printer driver for a Lexmark Z printer. I have followed the instructions on , loaded libstdc++5 and.

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Lexmark Z on Debian Sarge without neither devfs nor udev — thank you very much Lexmark Z using devfs and udev Lexmark Z devfs – http: Install the amd64 version as lexmarm. This is just to satisfy the dependencies of the custom.

When the printer cannot take in a page, its light starts blinking. Under Windows, it was only necessary to push the paper further in and press the blinking button to resume printing. This does not seem to work under Ubuntu lexmxrk.

This means that printing more than one page is problematic.

Lexmark X Printing on Ubuntu 9. Installing this package destroyed my fstab file. It also did not work for me. Follow the instructions for the z series.

Printers probably working

Related threads How to get the Lexmark X fully working under linux Lexmark X Series Printers Introduction How to install a Lexmark Xseries, probably working for other multifunc printers as well.

Instructions for “Ubuntu 6. Lexmarrk following the instructions for the z series before trying this. If you are using the 64bit architecture instead, you need to install instead the whole 32bit library: You have to download the Lexmark driver from http: You now have a lot of files in your current directory, the driver is buried manuwl a shell-script, and you have to dig it out: Unpack your new tar-archive: Unfortunately Lexmark has only given you.


Now you mxnual to extract the newly made tgz-files which contains the drivers, and copy them to their locations.

The drivers are now installed and copied to their locations. Test everything out with the following command: If the output is something similar to this: In the first screen, select your printer and click Forward. Click Forward twice and lezmark printer should be installed. If your printer does not show up, repeat this step.

Print a test page and check for shading issues. Shading Problems In some cases the black ink will print about. To fix this problem: Edit your driver file sudo gedit Lexmark-Zlxzcj-cups.

Save and close the file 4. General Setup This section contains instructions for setting up Lexmark printers supported by Lexmark’s proprietary printer drivers.

These instructions have been tested on Ubuntu 6. Note that many, but not all, Lexmark printers have Linux z40, and lexmwrk of these drivers are proprietary and closed source.

Lexmark Z Manual

These instructions should work with all Lexmark monochrome and color laser printers, most or all multifunction printers, but will probably not work with inkjet or all-in-one printers.

I have also been told that the printers that work with the Lexmark proprietary drivers can also be set up as generic postscript printers, but I am not sure how that works or the appropriate protocol to use to communicate with a networked Lexmark printer. Get the Lexmark printer drivers for Linux The linux drivers for Lexmark printers can be download at: Ubuntu is currently not in the list of supported OS’s, but the Debian driver works. Installing the drivers and setting up a printer The driver package can either be installed by navigating with Nautilus to its location and double clicking on the icon or from a terminal with the following command: After driver installation, you will need to setup up lexprint, the Lexmark printer management system.


Execute the following command from a terminal and follow the onscreen instructions: Make sure to select cups as the printing system and create symlinks to lexprint so it is easy to execute.

After installation, the lexprint printer management program should be run to setup a printer.

To add printers, execute from a terminal window: For the print queue settings, I recommend using automatic language determination i. Without administrative privileges, lexprint can amnual used to list already setup printers and change printer settings which cannot be changed via the normal Gnome printer interface for the current user, lfxmark will not allow you to add devices or print queues.

Troubleshooting Permission problems When I initially installed the drivers and tried to setup a printer, I had problems associating a queue with a printer device.

Each time I tried, lexprint would say “Creating print queue Lexmark failed. This problem was resolved via the following command: Margin problems Possible solution to margin problems Lxmark with Ubuntu 9. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Page History Login to edit.