Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies –the . Pues bien, Éxodo es uno de esos libros; o, por lo menos lo es para mí. Libros sin clasificar: Libro exodo por leon uris. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote : EXODO: TAPA DURA TELA EDITORIAL CON GRABADOS NEGRO. FIRMA Y DATA ANT. PROPIETARIO ESTADO BUENO.

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The other is written by Moses. A very powerful story. As much as I want to believe it’s all true, and it is what it was, I know that it is not. I found the writing uneven. While Uris’ prose is passable, pages is stretching it. We dream the dream of next year in Ufis almost as vividly as the characters of the book, who never give up hope.

Exodus by Leon Uris

This more than surpassed my expectations. Uris facilitates prejudice against Arabs in his work and perpetuates a number of myths now dispelled by state-released documents.

Berliners having suffered years of hardship bombing and death are then split and bullied mercilessly by the Russians who very quickly, deliberately ligro aggressively start to put a stranglehold on everything democratic.

Well written and quite emotive at times. I read this many times and have to again Leon Uris doesn’t even try. I would hope such a novel in the 21st century would strike a more reconciliatory tone.

WWII never made it into any of my course work. The novel also boasts hordes of characters, most of whom meticulously drawn and presented. It is not so often that a book stirs up so many emotions as Exodus. My friend reco I read this is college and really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For example, true historical initiatives and events such as the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and Berlin Airlift are described, but the novel’s characters who are instrumental in acting upon those affairs within the German theater are fictional.

Pre nekoliko godina sam svojoj prijateljici, vrsnoj prevodilici rekla: What is the difference between the novel Exodus and the bible verses? Most concerning to exxodo is that this ‘history’ is littered with fictional characters who become hard to tease out from the truth.


Sigue al autor

This may come fr This is another book that I read as a young teenager. While the other characters didn’t agree with the extremism at first, they later conceded that this organization had the right exoo. Every Jew good, every Arab bad. Granted, he wrote it before Israel released several secret documents in the ’80s from which today’s accepted historical narrative has been drawn, and it IS a work of fiction, but works of fiction shouldn’t gloss over uncomfortable historical facts, or attempt to justify or alleviate the injustice of the creation and dispossession of an entire refugee population.

This may come from the current Israeli Palestinian conflict. This story of the Jews is amazing and seemed to me more powerful than any one account of the Holocaust I’ve read because it’s not one individual’s or one family’s ordeal, but the story of an entire people – you really feel the tragedy of their history and the glory of their hard-won victory in gaining their own state.

Religious intolerance is every bit as much in evidence in Gaza now as it was around 60 years ago. Urie i appreciate expdo for what it gave me. Of course some Jews did return to where they had lived before the war but many did not. Liro that I like to hear it, but because we need reminded of it every once and awhileand how he introduced characters by their history and their family’s history.

It is here that tensions start with the Russians and libeo start libeo feel the shift in emphasis from the evil of the Nazi’s to the evil of the Communists and their new “world order”.

Yes, now we see that there were a whole oibro of people who were also disenfranchised – the Lebanese Exoxo – but how can it be changed again? I read this book before I knew very much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the history of and its immediate preceding years.

He writes with an ease that kept me turning the pages of this great masterpiece. This book is useful for learning the romantic Zionist version of events surroundingbut contrary to several of the reviews here, it is NOT a reliable historical source or one I would recommend for those interested in seriously learning about the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


I don’t doubt that the blame for many of the problems the nascent state encountered can be placed squarely in the lap of the former British Empire. Others say that Uris, motivated by an intense interest in Israel, financed his own research for the novel by selling the film rights in advance to MGM and writing articles about the Sinai campaign.

Plus the writing is exquisite as is the construction of the plot. Recommended to Anne Booklady by: And last but not least, and you want this to be a novel, which is historically accurate, look no further, this is the book to read. It’s beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring, and so much more. A poignant and beautifully-told story that shares a painful struggle in Jewish history – one of the many that goes untalked about in modern history classes.

Foreign correspondent Mark Palmer and his childhood friend Kitty Fremont are reunited and enjoying the Cyprus sun after the long war in Europe. I certainly liked many parts of the story–I enjoyed the parts about the Hasidic Jews the creation of this sect of Judaism interested me a lotthe pogroms, and the Jewish refugees in Cyprus. Patrice Molinarolo, the late Eleanor Molinarolo.

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It ,eon a beautiful, amazing book. Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon–the towering novel of the twentieth century’s most dramatic geopolitical event. Stylistically, the story recounted a story rather than show one- which is unfortunate. Death threatens on all sides, neither the Arabs nor the Brits want them there. The novel is rich in characters, story and history that all interrelate starting in Jan with the US and British planners building a team to deal with the governance and running of occupied German towns and cities.