This didn’t just happen. In Life Inc., award-winning writer, documentary filmmaker, and scholar Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from a. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations. Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its target is too large, and too badly constructed to help us much. In a heaving.

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Have we lost the notion of community or is the idea of community a much broader one? I borrowed this book from the library, and towards the end I found no fewer than three abandoned book marks.

I’m really glad a book like this is giving exposure to a whole lot of these ideas, even if it is flawed. The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links. I confess I expected it to articulate ideas and feelings I had, hopefully better than I could, and also flesh them out so they were more substantial.

The resulting ideology, corporatism, has infiltrated all aspects of civics, commerce, and culture—from the founding of the first chartered monopoly to the branding of the self, from the invention of central currency to the privatization of banking, from the Victorian Great Exhibition to the solipsism of Facebook.

The book is front-loaded, generally proceeding downhill towards its resolution with ever-dimininshing returns. The result of people following that logic is thriving local businesses, producing goods with local materials, fully employing the local labor. The book is also extremely American in its perspective and tone.

I’m drawing on this for a rumination of collective Shadow for this period. The most valuable piece of Life Inc. Still plagued by internalized competition and self-interest, most of us are not quite ready to chose the better path, or to convince our neighbors to join us in the effort. But who grants us permission to delight in the pain of others? They can serve as examples–even as models–but unlike deciding to act as a purely self-interested individual which an individual can just dointeracting like people requires that others do the same.


Debasement of currency was actually the way several emperors propped up the empire in times of economic crisis and if Greece could do it today it would go a long way to helping them out.

Book review: Life Inc.

You are blinded by your hatred. I thought it important to see the world from this perspective because we seldom stop and think about why we live and think as we do and what its meaning might be. This book has an interesting focus, how corporations rule our lives despite it being an outdated think medieval.

Rushkoff was jarred into this revelation after being mugged outside his home and being told by neighbors to keep quiet because it might hurt property values. With a few exceptions, corporate charters no jnc grant monopolies, but by now the whole structure of the economy is designed to favor corporate thinking and to facility its original purpose of drawing the value in to the center. There are many good bits to the book. I probably would have given this four stars except that my hunch is that Rushkoff plays liffe little fast and loose with the facts.

Hell, it even half-caused the plague in the Middle Ages! Quotes from Life Inx The author believes that we have all been brain washed by corporatism that we can only think of things in money terms. In other cases it can be confusing or repetitive. I particularly liked a couple of great examples of the same thing I was talking about in my article that described modern corporations as specialized venture capital firms.


Douglas Rushkoff makes his mark on our future by detailing the history of Corporate Capitalism as the political and economic reality of the modern world.

Someone should complain about things that are not right, and there is much to legitimately bemoan about our current corporate culture. Instead, Rushkoff insults and demeans anyone who does things differently than he would live. Jan 04, Pages Buy. I kept on reading the book because I was hoping to find some semi-intelligent discussion of alternatives to corporate culture.

A full-time writer after 25 years working as a software engineer.

Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back

Also, the stories from get-rich-quick conferences are absolutely chilling. That’s the summary, more or less.

In this chapter, he discusses the IMF and world bank, noting that colonialism already left these countries broke to begin with, then they were offered loans with the many conditions including that the nations must be open to things such as allowing foreign corporations to own land within a country, and are not allowed to restrict certain goods from being imported or resources from being extracted.

After all, corporations are made up of people, and when you get to the bottom of it, people do all the work anyway.