Loris Zanatta is the author of Storia dell’America Latina contemporanea ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 1 review, published ), Historia de América Lati. The latest Tweets from Loris Zanatta (@LorisZanatta): “Virtus-Hasbrouck, ecco la vera notizia | BOblog: “. Historia De La Iglesia Argentina/ History of the Church in Argentina (Historia Argentina). 1 September by Roberto D. Stefano and Loris Zanatta.

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My often-expressed view and I think the Bishop’s view is along the same lines is that the Ultrahyperueberpapalism of some who surround Papa Bergoglio, and Sedevacantism, are two sides of the same dangerously erroneous coin.

This is, after all, my blog.

It’s a latae sententiae excommunicable offense. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Project MUSE – The Origins of Argentina’s Revolution of the Right (review)

F There have been less than good Popes logis now, as Cardinal Pell very wisely pointed out a couple of years ago in his Iuventutem sermon. Jorge’s pure love for Satan, disguised in his, duplicity, is what drives him. Galat is hardly raving.

He demonstrates how both, nacionalista and Loriss members did not want zanagta enter the war on the side of the allies and shared an anti-imperialist vision of international relations.


He shows how Argentine fascists’ concerns for economic autarchy and social justice foreshadowed Peronism in both form and substance. He remains the only valid Pope and Bergoglio is an usurper. That’s his real problem, Francis is a whipping boy for him just as he is for you 8: I’m not sedevacantist, but I admire their stand for Catholic tradition. Think about that one, Tanced. View freely available titles: I accept Bergoglio as Pope, like it or not There is no sedevacantism.

Posted by Fr John Lkris at Spend it praying for our Holy Father Pope Francis.

Successor of the Prince of the Apostles. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Yet, anti-Semitism was clearly a central facet in Argentine fascist ideology and it was only a minor element in Peronism.

The book begins with a Sternhellian analysis of European theories of fascism and relates them to the Argentine case. He is not only into papolatryI think that is his ploy to unsettle traditional Catholics who write for this web site and smear our cause.

Following the hypothesis of Zeev Sternhell, Spektorowski understands fascism as an amalgam of extreme right wing nationalism, and anti-Marxist and anti-bourgeois revisions of socialism.

By way of conclusion, Spektorowski argues that the “first Peronist regime continued the ideological synthesis elaborated by the nationalist right and left while adding a populist slant to it” p.


Loris Zanatta (Author of Storia dell’America Latina contemporanea)

And a friend of mine who is a young nun in Rome recently told me by e-mail when she’s permitted to e-mailthat there are dozens of anti-Francis articles appearing in Italian papers weekly.

Fixed it for him. Spektorowski stresses the revolutionary dimensions of the Argentine nacionalistas. They both massively exaggerate the personal inerrancy of the man lorie is the Roman Pontiff.

It only continues to surface with people like you zanatat cling to the corpse of delusionism. This leads him to his main hypothesis: It reveals the connections between fascism and longstanding tendencies in Argentine political culture. Perhaps you’re the one who’s becoming unhinged?

Loris Zanatta

Many hundreds of Young priests in Italy hate him. Black is really white, Yes Holy Father.

It’s funny how Vatican II encouraged treating the laity like adults, and you lot insist on handing us a steaming plate of excrement as if it were healthy food and expect us to eat it, lest you call us nasty names. Studies of fascism and nationalism in Argentina have proliferated in the last koris.