Thanks to Jess Corbett for providing text and pictures for this manual. Lubitel Universal [Fig.1] is an up-to-date and simple in operation camera intended. This page is no longer actively maintained. (Pardon?) This is a near facsimile copy of a British Lubitel-2 manual. I copied the original font and lay-out to retain the. The combination of its glass lenses, the flexible or 35mm format, fully manual everything, fully automatic nothing, peering into a waist-level finder, slowing.

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Viewfinder lens relative aperture. Shutter is released with smooth pressing the release lever or the knob of the cable release, the camera is provided with the socket for it. The camera incorporates a coated lens, two viewfinders, diaphragm shutter with wide range of speeds, self timer and flash synchronizer.

Never wipe the plastic parts of the camera and the field lens with alcohol, acetone and other active solvents.

Unwind the end of the protective paper and on folding it down for about 10mm insert in the slot of the take-up spool. Slightly pulling out the rear hood is enough to close the viewfinder.

Depending on picture size chosen 4.

Lubitel – Wikipedia

Frame counting is performed through the window according to values on light protective paper of nanual film. Lomographer henryohead reveals his secret as to how he draws illustrations by superimposing images together. In 7 – 15 seconds the shutter will operate and the picture will be taken. With electronic flash used the shutter may be set to any automatic exposure.


Flash llubitel is intended for matching the flashing moment with complete shutter opening.

Anyone else have this problem and how do I cure it? Photographic lens depths of fields with different diaphragms and distances are given in the table.

The focusing magnifier is attached to the panel from inside. Put cover on the camera lenses. In this case the limits of the viewfinder field will be the image limits. Sure, it’s a funky little camera a great intro into the world of TLRbut not a particularly great one by any means. With the cocking lever 15 [ Fig. Remember that with shutter set to B and release lever pressed it is impossible to cock the self-timer lever. Hailing from Indonesia, Lomo Cult is a self-confessed Lomography fanboy and one of our community’s most active members.

After the last exposure has been made rewind the film protective paper onto the take-up spool.

I really like looking down into the viewfinder and shooting from my pelvis, it seems to throw people off, they wonder what the hell you are doing. Rather than reflecting the objective reality in front of you, they reflect the subjective reality of the Lomographer behind the camera. Her photographs will take lubitle to a purple and turquoise world.

Photographic lens – coated three-element anastigmat T I love my Luby. On lubitdl the shutter the synchronizer will act automatically. Close the camera back assured that the paper tension is good.


Lubitel-2 manual

To activate the self-timer it is necessary to set the selected automatic exposure, cock the shutter, turn the self-timer lever 6 [ Fig.

The diaphragm serves for the control of light opening msnual. Open the camera back. It is one of my favorite cameras EVER!

Lightweight and easy to use, the Lubitel B makes a perfect TLR camera for the beginner and a fun camera for the professional. However this should not prevent the daylight unloading of the camera. The washer is inserted between the panel and front frame of the finder after the panel catches the rear hood lug [ Fig. With shutter speed set to B any manual-control shutter speeds lubiyel obtainable.

Lubitel Universal [ Fig.

I also have a Seagull, but don;t like it anywhere manal much as my Lubitel. Automatic shutter speeds, s. Scales of distances, diaphragms and exposures and all the control units are located to assure speed and convenient operation. I can throw it into my car or bag and not have to worry about something getting knocked loose because the thing is a tank.

Close the camera back.