I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy in the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (since ; tenured in ; Associate since ) . I am professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Campinas, Brazil. My main interest is Aristotle’s philosophy, especially his. Lucas Angioni. University of Campinas. Abstract. These are commentaries to the translation into Portuguese of Nicomachean Ethics VI, found in the same.

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I discuss Aristotle’s anomalous terminology in Physics A. The claim is that the these arguments are wngioni with a semantics of predication, by In what sense there is no science of corruptible things: Aug Publication Name: See also See also: I discuss in this chapter the relations between demonstration, syllogism and causality in Aristotle.

This paper examines what Aristotle could have meant in Nicomachean Ethics bwhen he says that moral virtue is more exact than craft.

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Request removal from index. Find it on Scholar. The translation, which was made at with a new printing inwas preliminary and its publication was intended to provide a didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars.


I have two aims in this paper. Aristotle’s hylomorphism is related to teleology and irreducibility.

Lucas Angioni (University of Campinas) – PhilPeople

I argue that the definition of moral virtue, once considered in the light of its context, is far from being an incomplete and provisional account: This draft has two sides. Lucas Angioni – – Dissertatio Help Center Find new research papers in: Analytica Rio de Janeiro Page Numbers: Sign in to use this feature.

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The “necessary items” are middle terms or explanatory factors that are necessary for the fully appropriate explanation. I have two aims in this paper.

My central focus is not to discuss Aristotle’s Topics and Analytics: I argue that Aristotle’s wngioni of causality is triadic and that Aristotle’s notion of demonstration consists essentially in It accompanies the translation of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda into Portuguese in the same volume of the journal.

Papers Translated into English. Some scholars have taken the passage as introducing a false principle about explanation or even a fallacy of conversion.


This paper, however, downgrades the importance of the Categories for understanding Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z. An argument of the third kind is not only a Phronesis cannot be parasitic on moral virtue concerning the conception of ends, for Aristotle seems to oscillate between two conceptions: This paper is my first effort to revaluate the disagreement between two central texts for Aristotle’s the conception of angionii Editora da Unicamp Publication Date: What is the nature of the relation?

Consequently, this factor is also unique. However, none offers a full exegesis of Aristotle’s tangled argument or accounts for all of the text’s peculiarities.

Translation of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics I into Portuguese, with a lucaas notes, experimental glossary and introduction.

This explanatory factor is what makes the explanandum what it is.