In Mage: The Ascension, the Technocratic Union (or Technocracy) is a world- wide conspiracy that employs a technological paradigm to pursue an agenda. Back in ye olden days, otherwise known as the Mage: the Dark Ages spin-off, the Daedalans of the Order of. The Technocracy is likewise divided into groups; unlike the Traditions, however, they share a single paradigm, and.

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Masters of the Correspondence sphere, which lets them work with space and distance.

Nowadays they’ve gone from Technocratic organization to being even less united that the other Traditions, constantly fighting over which outdated bit of mad science is right.

Are frequently amongst the richer and more successful people in Africa.

Mage: The Ascension

There are Nephandi that are born with an Avatar from a former life, called Widderslainte. They storm the ruined realm of Entrophy, past armies of undead, and stand before him, as he tries to complete his ritual while blasting at them.

As opposed to the mystical practices of most mages, the technomages of the Technocracy practice Enlightened Science magic with a digipunk coat of paint.

It’s a hard game to get right, requiring a great deal of thought from players and referees alike, but its underlying theme – the nature of reality – makes it one of the most interesting and mature roleplaying games available.

The Rogue Council only made itself known through coded missives, while Panopticon was apparently created by the leaders of the Technocracy to counter it. Too small or specialized to join the Conventions and either disliking or outright opposing the Technocrats, the Independent Crafts decided to band together to form a power techbocracy of their own. Technocrxcy upper guard is extremely bitter about this, and while they’re more united than most Traditions their hidebound ways prevent them from actually getting anywhere.

Understanding Traditions as a whole requires understanding each Tradition separately, and then assembling them into a somewhat cohesive whole.

The new game features some of the same game mechanics but uses a substantially different premise and setting. It lets the user tear open the Gauntlet, the protective Saran-wrapping around reality created by the Technocracy’s consensus, and slip outside of technofracy universe.


In the game, Mages have always existed, though there are legends of the Pure Ones who were shards of the original, divine One. Very few mages, but they’re one of the only societies in the series where mages or really supernaturals of any sort work side by side with ordinary humans as equals. As more and more sleepers began to use the Order’s discoveries in their everyday lives, Reason and rationality came to govern their beliefs, and the old ways came to be regarded as misguided superstition.

It also provides the Mage with an understanding of how to change reality, through specific magical techniques. At max levels, you can make mabe that overflow with quintessence and even manipulate Paradoxes, making the only real weakness a mage has worthless. On the other, other hand, they are the single most likely mage-group to get a multi-faction party together to get shit done and pull awesomely pragmatic mags like frying a sub-continent darkening vampire Antediluvian by using orbital mirrors to reflect and concentrate light from the other side of the world.

They got voodoo, they got hoodoo, they got things Magf didn’t even try! You’d need access to sales data, needless to say-and I’m not sure how much tecnnocracy that is around from the old days of White Wolf, much less whether or not it’s publicly accessible. Lost many members during the Holocaust, as they are one of the few groups in Mage that will actually sacrifice their lives for the normal people. The Hollow Ones step up to the plate and take a new role as leaders of the resistance against these forces, while the Traditions finally put technnocracy their petty differences and come together to try to make strides in fixing the world’s problems once and for all in a War Tecnocracy.

The Caitiffs of the Mage setting. Both, however, eventually rebelled against the Technocracy, becoming the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Technocract. But, like, not for their own sakes, man, but so that they can, like, free technocrxcy from the concerns of the material, temporal world, and, like, achieve a higher state of pure Both keep the basic idea of not using magic in public and stuff but aren’t quite as blunt and over-complicated about it.


Tcehnocracy a Traditionalist or Technocrat may simply fall prey to human failings or excessive zeal in their ethos, while a Marauder may well commit some true atrocities in the depth of her incurable madness; a Nephandus retains a clear moral compass, and deliberately pursues actions to worsen the world and bring about its final end. The innate problems of being a White Wolf game aside namely, the design team’s obvious sympathy with the 90’s-counterculture vs. These two groups now belong to the Traditions technocdacy are reviled by the Technocracy as Reality Deviants for having embraced technomancy.

Since she has two Dots, she can also gently encourage the plants in her garden to grow strong and healthy, and heal herself when she gets hurt.

While the entire metaplot has always been meant to be altered as each play group sees fit, Ascension provided multiple possible endings, with none of them being definitive though one was meant to technocarcy the metaplot. Even the nuclear forces at high levels.

It’s easily the best-designed scenario, and it does play with the themes of the overall gameline quite well. Its current tools are the advancement of scientific methods and principles along with the technology this producesthe spread of capitalist market-forces, and the application of political power.

Mage: The Ascension – 1d4chan

Though unified in their desire to keep magic alive, the magic practiced by different Traditions are often wildly different and entirely incompatible with one another.

Amalgams technoxracy the primary operational unit of Technocratic agents. That’s because it is, and while some people may love it, you most likely do not!