The Makropulos Affair. Conductor Ondrej Olos Director Yannis Houvardas. PREMIERE 20 MAY 20, 23, 25 May 20th Century Cycle / Janáček Cycle. The Makropulos Case. The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over years and yet she doesn’t look a day past Now that the magical elixir . At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried as deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

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She has been corroded by the years. They bring the news that they have found the will and other unknown documents – precisely majropulos Marty had described.

Marty, though, is more interested in a sealed envelope which is amongst the other documents which Prus refuses to hand over. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity Find casf more about our use of this data. Yes No Report this. Jaroslav overhears this, and orders Janek to leave. He makkropulos agrees to provide the document himself if Emilia will spend the night with him. It is not a drama, it is not an opera, it is not a ballet, it is not a variable luminous graphic entity — it is all of them combined.

It is lovely also to see Christopher Ventris and Robert Tear and they acquit themselves well. Jaroslav proceeds to ask Emilia what she knows about Ellian MacGregor, whom he describes in disparaging terms, after reading her love letters that detail explicit sexual behaviour.

Jaroslav asks if she was the mistress of Baron Joseph Prus: She now went by the name of Emilia Marty and had become involved in the case because she was looking for an envelope with the recipe for the elixir of life – the envelope which she received for sleeping with Jaroslav Prus. Emilia enters, but spurns them all, including Janek, who falls under her spell, and Albert, who brings her expensive flowers.

Emilia then states that Elina Makropulos and Ellian MacGregor were the same person, where the latter was the former’s stage name.

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Search for ” The Makropulos Case ” on Amazon. Cambridge University Press, Elina has realized that perpetual youth has led her to exhausted apathy and resolves to allow death to come naturally to her, understanding that a sense of transcendence and purpose come from a naturally short span of life.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat The artefact unwinding before us in time is aggressively beautiful. She tossed around her vocal lines with throaty potency, shaping individual phrases as if gauging them for their ability to sting. Among the documents, there is visible a seal with the letters EM, dating from He asks Marty about the lover of his ancestor – the singer Ellian MacGregor, who was the mother of the baron’s illegitimate child. But I’m making her a little warmer so that people can sympathize with her.

Unraveling “The Makropulos Case”

Though disappointed by Emilia’s coldness, Jaroslav nonetheless gives her the envelope containing the document. Now possessing years of life, she made makropuls way through the coming centuries, assuming various identities and always using aliases with the initials E. A probate case has been dragging on between the Gregor family and the Prus family for almost one hundred years and today the final verdict is to be given. Makropilos returns, and Emilia asks him to get the document for her.

Leoš Janáček The Makropulos Case

By Decemberhe had completed the first draft of the work. Prus describes her as a passionate woman with flexible morals, to which Emilia takes offense. This production is made possible, in part, by: Albert Gregor arrives to proclaim his love for Emilia, but she rejects him. In fact, The Makropulos Case unfolds in a continuous trajectory, its profundities delivered so deftly we may fail to recognize them until we realize we are engulfed.

Janek has also fallen in love with her. Between these two themes comes a curious fanfare for offstage brass.

Jaroslav says that the handwriting of Elina Makropulos on Ferdinand’s birth certificate also matches that of Mkropulos. With Kamila he maintained an impassioned, mostly one-sided, and it is believed purely emotional affair, conducted mainly through hundreds of letters, and ending only with his death in Marty asks about the progress of the Gregors’ lawsuit and everyone present is astonished at her knowledge of events which occurred one hundred years ago.


His death was reported makgopulos same evening. However, Albert’s ancestor, Ferdinand Gregor, made the same claim, and asserted that Baron Amkropulos had promised mkaropulos estate to him, based on an oral statement from Baron Prus, though with no physical document to support this statement.

Emilia says that there is, in fact, such a document, and claims that there is an old cupboard in the Prus mansion where important papers were kept where he will find the document they need. Who’s Who in the Theatre tenth ed. The orchestra play beautifully and the conducting from Andrew Davis is exemplary, on the same level as Charles Mackerras I’d say.

They found the will where Emilia said it would be, and Jaroslav congratulates Albert on his victory — if he can prove that Ferdinand Gregor was the Baron’s nakropulos son.

Nadja Michael Revealed The German soprano is one of today’s most alluring singing actresses. Chandos sung in English [9]. She is enthralled by Marty and also wants to become a great artist.

However, she angrily shows past scars, and snores in response to his final protestations of love. Accompanying him is Emilia Marty, to the surprise of Kristina.

His cousin claimed the estate, but so did Albert’s ancestor, Ferdinand Gregor, who asserted that the Baron had promised the estate to him. The curtain with luminous letters rises and the figures become the protagonists of a play about an elixir by means of which it is possible to escape from time and gain immortality.

He is already infatuated with Emilia, and makes advances to her. When the potion was ready, the Emperor ordered his alchemist to test it on his daughter first. Performances October 14, 18, 23, 26, and 29, At the backstage of a theatre, some of the employees are talking about the success of Emilia Marty’s performance. She has since lived an itinerant life for three centuries.